Ditch the Tent and Get a Better Experience with Provo Fireworks!

June 2015

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Provo Fireworks. I have been compensated for my time, but as always the opinions in this post are mine! 

It’s that time of year again... time to light stuff on fire and blow it up! (Safely of course) My kiddos couldn’t be more excited and I’m pretty excited too. The 4th of July is a pretty big deal around our house and when it comes to fireworks we don’t mess around. We love watching all the vibrant colors, flashes, and sparks, but what I don’t love is what it does to my bank account afterward. 

Every year I see people with confused looks on their faces lined up at all the big firework tents. I’m going to be very frank – I hate those stands. I stopped visiting those years ago, all I remember from my firework shopping is that I felt ripped off and confused about how I walked away with so little for so much. I couldn’t stand having to ask for the price on every little item, and having someone try to up-sell me on things I didn’t want. They lure you in with stating you will get free items, but it never quite seems to work out and you just walk away spending hundreds of dollars on sub-par fireworks. 

Unfortunately, fireworks aren’t a “try before you buy” item, but that doesn’t mean you can’t know what you are getting. You just have to get your fireworks from a quality seller like Provo Fireworks! On their site they give you a description of what each firework will do. If I am going to spend money on something that is only going to temporarily last and then be gone, I want to know what I am getting. 

Provo Fireworks not only lets you see what you are getting before you buy, but they also have amazing customer service. They aren’t trying to rush you through to get to the next customer, they actually care about your buying experience and it’s that type of amazing service that will have me going back year after year. No lines, no hot sun, no parking on the side of the road and dodging traffic, and no tent salesmen! How awesome is that?! 

If you have any issues with your fireworks Provo Fireworks is there to help you out, what do you think would happen if you took your fireworks back to the tent salesman? I know that they would laugh in your face. Provo Fireworks offers a no-dud guarantee.  If you get a dud, they provide you with your option of a refund or to replace the firework.  They stand behind their products! 

(I know these heart sparklers are probably meant for weddings, but I knew my kids would love them! So cool to have sparklers in a different shape!)

Want to know one of the best parts? They deliver!!! That’s right you don’t even have to leave your house! (Check out more about delivery here) You can also pick-up at their Provo location. For my purchase I went to their online store, had my kiddos pick out what they wanted (Loved being able to give them a description each firework) and picked them up. It was that simple! 

(A BIG two thumbs up here!) 

Once I got there I was greeted by the owner who is super friendly and goes out of his way to make your experience a positive one. He gave my kiddos some cute 4th of July toys and we were off with our big box of fireworks. It was by far my best experience ever buying fireworks! And if you are worried that this fantastic customer service comes at a price, you would be wrong. Provo Fireworks has some of the best prices around and is cheaper than the stores in Evanston, and they offer some of the cheapest prices you will find here in Utah.

Here is a comparison: 

100 Shot Saturn Missile

ProvoFireworks.com - 7.50 - http://www.provofireworks.com/store/p1280/100_Shot_Saturn.html

Evanston - 12.99 - http://www.fireworks.com/products/item/100-shot-saturn-battery-g-026/

Parachute Battalion

ProvoFireworks.com - 18.50 - http://www.provofireworks.com/store/p1270/Parachute_Battalion.html

Evanston - 34.99 - http://www.fireworks.com/products/item/parachute-battalion-n-027/


ProvoFireworks.com - 4.00 - http://www.provofireworks.com/store/p1257/%2310_Gold_Sparkler.html (10 packs of 6 sparklers)

Evanston - 7.99 - http://www.fireworks.com/products/item/10-gold-sparkler-48-6-6/ (6 packs of 6 sparklers)

The fireworks range from simple novelty items like snaps and sparklers to commercial quality aerials that will absolutely amaze people like the Highstepper. 

For only $50 we got tanks, race cars, tons of sparklers, parachutes, and this baby in the pic below: 

(My husband can't wait to set this one off!) 

So if you want to wow and amaze, and want to be done with the hassle and frustration of typical firework purchasing - be sure to check out the highest quality, budget friendly, best customer service oriented place in town – Provo Fireworks. Hope you have a blast this year! Wink

Don't forget safety first! Especially around kids! Please have a safe fourth! 


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