Bread & Tulips: Italian Home Cooking in the Heart of NYC!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Decisions, decisions, decisions, usually when I sit down at a new restaurant I can pretty much find the dish I want in a matter of a few minutes. That wasn’t the case at Bread & Tulips. So many amazing sounding dishes, for such a small menu. I kept sending the waitress away, without an order. Finally I go with my gut and choose the Strip Steak Tagliata with roasted herb potatoes, cippoline agrodolce. I wasn’t disappointed.

(Please excuse my photos, it was dark and hard to get good shots of the incredible dishes.)

I love the basis behind Bread & Tulips, as an avid bread lover this was my style of restaurant. They feel bread is essential to the meal and bring you a great basket of assorted breads made right on the property, before you start your meal.

My husband orders one of their amazing pasta dishes, fettucine veal bolognese, grana Padano. Naturally I stole some of his dinner, I had to try it. The noodles were fantastic and obviously also made from scratch.

This is home cooking, with a fantastic atmosphere. Bread & Tulips has a very intimate atmosphere and would be fabulous for a date night.

Be sure to check them out here! 


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