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September 2015

There are a lot of hotel choices when visiting NYC; in fact, it can feel pretty overwhelming trying to find the perfect one to choose. They all offer different options and amenities. There is one thing I am always looking for though, something that can’t be made up for in the way a room looks or a nice pool—service. That’s right, service. Because if the staff members treat you well and they genuinely care about your stay, everything else will fall into place. Your room will always be great and your experience will be fantastic.

This is something I was completely wrapped up in at my recent stay to The Kimberly Hotel. The doorman was a little more cheerful, the front desk staff was a little more attentive and that’s when I knew this hotel was different from the rest.

So much amazing light in our suite.

As I started talking to staff members, they began to tell me how they have worked at The Kimberly for twenty and some even thirty years. That is a long time to work at one hotel and it gives you a small glimpse into their dedication and love for this hotel; a love that translates into superb unmatched service.
Smiles everywhere and not those fake “I really wish I wasn’t here today” kind of smiles. No, instead you will find real genuine smiles from staff who really care about making your stay the best possible. I was so impressed by the staff that I could probably write a whole article about the service at The Kimberly, but that wouldn’t be very balanced. So let’s continue on…

The Kimberly is home to one of the best rooftop bars in Manhattan, and if I could go back and change anything about our vacation, it would be missing out on experiencing The Upstairs at The Kimberly. If you are a New Yorker and haven’t been to The Upstairs, it is the happening place to be and will help you unwind after a stressful day. If you are on vacation it will accomplish the same. There is music, food and drinks atop a beautiful building overlooking the city. What more could you ask for?

As you can see the balconies are quite large with amazing views.

As for the rooms at The Kimberly I was beyond impressed. Kirt, one of the hotel managers, gave me a complete tour of the hotel including every type of room you could book. I can honestly say there wasn’t a single room that I wouldn’t choose for a future stay, as they were all lovely.

Most of the rooms have a balcony, which is not something you will easily find at most hotels in the city, and is now in my opinion a must have! I could have sat on my balcony all day and been perfectly content.

All of the rooms had plenty of space as well to relax and truly enjoy. No need to escape your hotel room in order to get more space.
Our room actually had two rooms, a bedroom and a sitting room. The space was appreciated and used.

When I am at home, I don’t normally watch TV in bed, but it’s something I usually have to get used to when I am at a hotel. At The Kimberly , it was so nice to relax on a sofa and watch TV or work instead of trying to do it in a bed. The sofa also doubled as a pull out bed to accommodate any extra guests. Our room also came equipped with a little fridge, a microwave, a wet bar and more.

This was a beautiful bathroom from one of the other suites. Who doesn't love a bubble bath with a view?

I absolutely loved this aquarium, it was so unique to see in a hotel lobby.

Location is also a huge bonus when choosing a Manhattan hotel, and you can’t go wrong with The Kimberly. Out of all the hotels I have stayed at in Manhattan (and there have been a lot); it was by far in the best location. The nearest subway station is just right around the corner and you are only a few blocks away from Grand Central Station.

While we were there, a street fair was happening right on Lexington Avenue just up the street. So much was going on near us and it only added to our amazing trip. The Kimberly boasts three amazing restaurant options, but if you are looking for something else you won’t have to travel far. They always say “Location, location, location” for real estate and the same applies for a hotel. You want a hotel that is going to make your stay more convenient and fun. The Kimberly will do just that for you.

For exceptional personalized service, convenient location and beautifully appointed suites, you can’t go wrong booking your next NYC trip with The Kimberly.

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