Mama's Posh Pick of the Week! The Pod Convertible Crib!

October 2015

I don't think baby products could get much better than they are right now. My sister in-law had here kids about ten years ago and in that time baby products have made leaps and bounds. Even when it comes to safety baby products have come a long way in that time. I remember watching my nephews in their cribs thinking "I hope they don't get stuck in the slats". It was a genuine concern of mine, now I know there are plenty of cribs with slats that are safe, but it just seemed unsafe. I also seemed like the kids were in little jail cells too. That's why I am totally digging this -

This is the Pod Convertible Crib! Even from just looking at it, I love it! This is a baby sanctuary, not a jail.

The Pod Convertible Crib is made by Ubabub, Ubabub (pronounced über-bub) is a range of Australian designed premium-end nursery and childrens’ products available throughout Australia, New Zealand and now in the United States. Über stylish and practical, ubabub is a range of ultra-safe, durable and ecologically friendly cots, furniture and accessories. With a distinctly modern aesthetic, the carefully designed and constructed pieces not only add a streamlined modern edge to the nursery but also bring extra comfort and freedom to parents and babies.

The Pod Convertible Crib is a cosy cocoon-shaped crib with smooth, rounded edges for a distinct modern look. Innovative clear acrylic sides with star-shaped cutouts allow for an unimpeded view of baby for parents, making checking on baby simple. Plus, it's simple to assemble, clean and maintain. As your baby gets older, Pod converts easily to a toddler bed.

I can't get over how cool it is that it turns into a toddler bed. Plus it's always easy for baby to see mom and dad and visa versa

Ubabub broke the mold with the Pod Crib when they decided to fuse futuristic design with hand-crafted manufacturing and finishing processes. Each Pod Crib is created by hand with naturally sourced materials including hygroscopic wood. Their finishing process allows the wood to breathe; slight expansion or contraction of the bent wood is natural as the curves of the Pod Crib react to the temperature and humidity of your home's environment. Don't worry if your crib doesn't align perfectly; just as the character of every child is expressed individually, the character of each Ubabub by MDB Pod Crib will develop over time.

I will always choose a handcrafted product if I can and this one is amazing! The Pod Crib also comes fit with a mattress and toddler conversion kit. Everything you need to make your little happy.


Clear sides: Clear sides allow for greater visibility, assisting with checking on and settling baby. A series of carefully-designed shapes have been laser cut out of the clear sides to allow for additional airflow, while still being small enough to keep little fingers safe.
Low-height: Designed with a low profile to make it easy to lift your child in and out of the crib.
Upper and lower mattress positions:  The upper position is suitable for when your baby is young and less mobile. The lower position is used when your baby becomes mobile and can sit up.
Eco-Friendly: The Pod Crib has great eco-credentials. The timber plywood components have been sourced from renewable plantations, it uses non-toxic finishes, and all plastic and metal components have been selected for their recyclable properties. The mattress is also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, anti-mold and anti-mildew. (How fantastic is that?!)
Advanced design: Unlike any other crib, its unique, ultra-modern aesthetic offers a luxurious clear view of the world for baby. The Pod Crib is a stunning piece of furniture that will inspire an equally beautiful nursery setting to complement your modern home.

It really will be the centerpiece of your nursery and you will get compliments anytime someone sees it. All your friends will be asking "Where can I get a Pod Crib?"

You can check out more about the Pod Crib here!

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