Our Family Adventure with Maverik and the Nitro Card!

October 2015

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Maverik and Mom It Forward Blogger Network, as always though all opinion are mine.

I am a very brand loyal consumer, when I find a company or product that I love I stick with it. This comes down to everything including the gas station I use. I know it might seem silly, but when a company gets it right and appreciates me as a customer I feel they’ve earned my dollars. So when I hit the road I always use Maverik Gas Stations.

They have everything I need, great drinks, and snacks for the road, the best prices on fuel, and awesome employees. What more could you ask for? Well apparently they have more to offer! Now they have what they call their Nitro Card. At first I thought it was a credit card and I wasn’t really interested in another credit card, then I looked into it a little further and found out it’s a debit card. It’s the same as if you used your bank card except it comes with some pretty amazing perks!

Check out my video of me getting my Nitro Card below:

Here are some of the fantastic perks:

:: Save 6¢ per gallon on fuel — every gallon, every day
:: Instant price match on fuel — Maverik matches the pump price of any qualified local competitor if it’s lower than the everyday 6¢ discount
:: $1 fountain drinks (up to XL cups or 64-ounce refills)
:: Earn 2x Trail Points and spend ’em to…
:: Win Stuff like trips, adventure vehicles & more
:: Buy Stuff like G-Cards, mugs, apparel & gear
:: Give Stuff by turning your Trail Points into charitable donations
:: “Nitro Nights” — free access to movie premieres, concerts, and events when you present your Nitro card.
:: Follow Nitro on social media for the hook-up: (social media urls here)
:: Get an instant $5 G-Card just for signing up!

How awesome is that?! This makes my gas cheaper every time! After I received my card I was so thrilled I decided to celebrate by taking a little vacation and putting my Nitro Card to work. So off we flew to Denver for our adventure. Maverik is all about adventures hence: “Adventures First Stop”. After landing in Denver we grabbed our car and headed to Maverik to fuel up with our new Nitro Card. With our Nitro card we also got some amazing goodies! We received a free $5 gift card and a free drink! So we grabbed some drinks and snacks as well and hit the road.

In the early 1900s (decade), John Brisben Walker had a vision of artists performing on a stage nestled in the perfect acoustic surroundings of Red Rocks, which likely were used by the Ute tribe in earlier times. Walker produced a number of concerts between 1906 and 1910 on a temporary platform; and from his dream, the history of Red Rocks as an entertainment venue began.

I have always wanted to see The Red Rock Amphitheatre in Colorado so we headed up a little mountain to check it out. The red rocks jutting out of the ground looked so cool, even my kids thought it was pretty cool. There is a little building next to the amphitheater and if you take the stairs or elevator to the basement you will find a surprise you don’t want to miss. Lining the walls are artists that have played at The Red Rock Amphitheatre and various memorabilia. I absolutely loved all of The Beatles photos; it was so neat to see what their performances looked like. The Red Rock Amphitheatre opened in 1906 so that makes for a ton of amazing history!

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a rock structure near Morrison, Colorado, 10 miles west of Denver, where concerts are given in the open-air amphitheatre.

Next stop on our adventure, it was time to see some dinosaurs. We headed to The Morrison Natural History Museum for a closer look at some dinosaur bones and for our kids to try out being real paleontologists. My kids loved digging for dinosaur bones and probably would still be there if we hadn’t brought them back home.

(AHHHH!!!! Don't eat me!!!)

The Museum opens daily at 10 o'clock for non-members, 9 o'clock for active members with reservation. Allow for at least one hour to tour and participate in the activities. The Morrison Museum was designed to be toured with a guide, but you are welcome to explore the museum on your own.

Recently, the Morrison Natural History Museum has received international acclaim for its fossil discoveries at the historic dinosaur dig sites along Dinosaur Ridge. These excavations have yielded a treasure trove of fossils, including infant dinosaur tracks. The Museum’s dig crew continues in the near-140 year tradition of exploring local outcrops for clues to Colorado’s ancient past.Today the Morrison Natural History Museum serves thousands of visitors to Morrison each year with exhibits that chronicle local life history.

We decided to take our adventure to the Denver train depot next and had some fun learning all about trains. The Denver Train Depot is filled with some fantastic restaurants, shops and games for the whole family.

With all our driving around it was time to head to Maverik and fill up again with our Nitro card. I love getting 6¢ off automatically just for using my Nitro Card just like I would use my debit card. Family adventures can get pricey sometimes and I love that Maverik is helping me save at the pump.
Make sure you get your free Maverik Nitro Debit Card at bit.ly/GetTheNitroCard to start saving and to snag some pretty cool stuff!


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