Awesome Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes!!

October 2015

It’s two days before the Halloween party you just got invited to and suddenly you need a costume. Or, it’s Halloween and you just noticed the date. No time (or money) to run out and buy a new costume? You probably have just the materials you need around your house for a Halloween disguise for you or your kids.

The 80’s
Since 2015 is the future in “Back to the Future”, the 1980’s are the hot decade for inspiration this Halloween. Marty McFly and Doc are easy costumes to throw together. For Doc – a lab coat and goggles, a printable hazmat symbol, some hairspray, and a crazy attitude are all you need. Pull that shoulder-padded jacket back out for a Heathers costume or doll up that old taffeta dress for an 80’s prom look. Don’t be worried if people confuse your costume with actual fashion. Everything old is new again.

Get Wild
Do you like to hike? Are you a woman who can look disheveled and bereft? Go as Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl Strayed in “Wild”. A backpack, some hiking shoes, shorts, and a white T-shirt are all you need.

Duct Tape Rock Star
Everyone has time for a quick run to the craft store. A roll of colorful duct tape created just for crafting costs about $6. All you have to do is slap it on your clothes and boom, you’re a rock star. OK, you’ll also need hairspray, some black eyeliner and bracelets.

This adorable roundup of tiny tots’ pajamas can also serve as Halloween costumes.

Bigger kids can dress up some pajamas with a teddy bear and use a pillow as a trick-or-treat bag. Wear fuzzy slippers to keep your feet warm and you’ve just tossed the time of day on its head to fit your last-minute costume needs. If you want to turn it spooky, add some ghoulish makeup and fake blood and presto – pajama zombie!

Babies, the Great Halloween Costume Canvas
Babies can be dressed up as miniature versions of pretty much anything. Dinosaurs, sushi rolls, even Steve Jobs. Come to think of it, that Steve Jobs outfit can be worn by anyone of any age, as long as you can rock the black mock turtleneck, jeans, and glasses look. Just carry an iAnything around and you’re done!

Accessories as Costumes
Your Halloween alter ego doesn’t have to be what you wear. It can be something you hold! All the better for putting your costume aside when it’s time to sample potions and monster munchies at a Halloween party with two free hands. This awesome jellyfish costume requires only an umbrella, packing tape, and sparkly things. Creative types can light it up with a string of holiday bulbs and a portable power supply.

Reuse, Recycle
Empty toilet paper rolls can be great Halloween costumes. Historians young and old can spray paint a bunch of toilet paper rolls and string them together to create a perfect barrister wig. Pair with an oversized white blouse, leggings, and boots for the perfect look.

If wine is on your Halloween menu, why not look the part? In this roundup of 7 wine-themed DIY costumes, the easiest, and my favorite, is the “Wine Snob.” Don an ascot and a pretentious air, and you’re good to go. Practice using words like “oaky,” and “bouquet.”

There are DIY ideas for every walk of life. Law students get festive with cute play on words costumes while biology professor Christina Zito once spotted a couple as “Opposites Attract”: both were dressed in black – one with a giant minus sign, the other a giant plus sign!

Whatever you do this Halloween, make it fun and affordable!


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