Morrison Natural History Museum: One of the Best Hands-On Dinosaur Experiences!

November 2015

When heading to Denver you have to include dinosaurs into your trip. We recently stayed at the Denver Southwest Best Western, and found that they had partnered with the Morrison Natural History Museum for a lot of their artifacts and their morning fossil interpreter that comes to the hotel. I knew with all the cool artifacts that the hotel had we had to go see the Morrison Natural History Museum.

The first thing we see when we arrive is a huge sandpit where kids can dig and find dinosaur artifacts. (We’ll get back to that later) Inside we get a great tour of the two floor museum. Our kiddos get a great lesson on dinosaur facts and I was surprised to see how much my kids already knew about dinosaurs. They also have some great reptiles and the kids were able to pet some snakes.

I was really impressed with all the great knowledge the tour guide had and it was so much better than just reading signs about all the dinosaurs. At the end of the tour the kids got to be little paleontologists and use some of the tools to uncover real artifacts.

They really loved this hands-on experience! Even though we are back home, they still talk about how they were able to uncover real dinosaur bones.

Once we were done inside we got back to the sand pit where our kiddos were able to dig around for dinosaur related items. Anything they found they could take back in and the tour guide would let them know what they had discovered. This was such a thrill for them. If we didn’t have to get to the airport that day we could have stayed for hours.

If you are looking for a great activity for the kiddos you don’t want to miss the Morrison Natural History Museum!


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