Don't Underestimate Kansas City! Everything You Need For a Fantastic Vacation!

November 2015

There are places in this great country that as a traveler you know you are probably missing out on. There is just so much to be explored in the US and chances are you are probably missing out on some pretty cool places. Last month I ended up in one of those places… Kansas City. I have driven past before but never had a chance to really immerse myself in everything the city had to offer.  Now unless you are a die-hard Royals fan (Congratulations Royals!), you probably haven’t been to KC. So here’s a small peek at what you’re missing:

Science City

Looking for a really cool place to take the kiddos? This is it! When I first started walking through Science City I thought I had been through the whole thing and I turned a corner to see so much more. What I had seen was just the beginning. You need almost a whole day to really check this place! With 80,000 square feet it’s one of the biggest science centers I’ve ever seen. Once you are in the main building there are separate attractions with their own themes.


The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

 Ok… so I need to be honest when I first heard “Museum of Toys and Miniatures” I thought “meh”. Wow was I wrong! This place is so awesome and I only wish I had more time to look at everything. Not only are the miniatures incredible and fascinating to see, but it gives you a great look at the passion others have and the hard work they put into that passion. Everything is in a museum setting, but this is a great place for kids and adults. Once you leave the miniatures on the first floor you will go to the toys on the second floor. All my childhood memories came rushing back! Then we moved onto different time frames and it was so neat to see toys from other time periods. I loved the Japanese dolls. The detail on them was amazing!


The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

I love baseball, but I had no idea about all the history here. We had an amazing guided tour taking us into the past of Negro baseball. It was fascinating to see all the old photos and memorabilia. They also had the great replica of a baseball diamond with some of the best players gathered around as statues. After learning the history about the players I was honored to step into the field with them.

This is truly an am axing place and a must-see when visiting Kansas City. You will also find The American Jazz Museum located right next door. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to explore The American Jazz Museum, but it’s supposed to be pretty amazing as well. Definitely worth checking out!

Union Station

Have I told you before how much I love train stations? I’ve probably mentioned it hundreds of times on this blog. I love the history! Just thinking about all the people that have been there and all the different places they have been. I find it fascinating. Luckily I’m not the only one and I have found that most cities have spent a lot of time and money restoring their train depots. Kansas City is no exception, it’s gorgeous!

Union Station is the second largest working train station. A $200 million renovation was put into Union Station and it looks beautiful. I love the ceilings! I could have spent an afternoon just admiring it all.

Crown Center

The Crown Center is the home of the Hallmark Visitors Center, Hallmark Kaleidoscope, shops, LEGOLAND Discovery Center and more. I really loved the Hallmark Kaleidoscope! This is a free attraction you can take your kids to where their imaginations can run wild with creativity. They can make their own puzzles, kaleidoscopes and so much more. While you are there you should definitely check out all of the Hallmark history. I even got to hold an Emmy there! The Crown Center has so many great things for families to explore.



BBQ and More

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to check out a lot of different restaurants in Kansas City, but I did get the pleasure to dine at Cleaver & Cork Gastropub. Chef Alex Pope has put a lot of love into this food and it shows. Once you sit down you will be served some of the highest quality meats and seafood available. I also loved the feel of this restaurant, it had a fantastic atmosphere and it is definitely the place to be.

If you are looking for something a little more kid friendly you might want to head back over to the Crown Center to have a meal delivered by train at Fritz's Train Restaurant. Now I have to be honest I wasn’t super thrilled with my chicken sandwich. It was really chewy, but if I went back with my kids I would definitely give them another chance. I’ve heard burgers are more their specialty, so I would probably stick with that. They were inexpensive though, and the experience is definitely something the kiddos will get a kick out of.

If you are looking for quality though I would definitely stick with Cleaver & Cork! The food was amazing! I would have taken more pictures of it, but my camera battery died. :(

This is only the tip of the iceberg for Kansas City! I was so amazed at everything this great city had to offer and I would highly recommend planning your own family trip there soon! 

To check out more of Kansas City head over to VsitKC!

* I was provided all the activities above free of charge, I was not required to write a post and all opinions in this post are mine.


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