2016 KIA Sorento: The Vehicle That Really Has It All

December 2015

I have been doing car reviews for years now, trying out many different models and many different features. Yet only one car sparks an excitement in me like a child on Christmas morning; The KIA Sorento. I have tested many different years of this amazing SUV and they all bring it! I have driven the 2013, 14, 15 and now the 2016. None of which have ever been a disappointment.

(One day it's sunshine the next snow, here in Utah. I love the front of the Sorento, it's beautiful.)

Kia knows what they are doing, what to improve on, and what to leave alone. They obviously have a formula for this vehicle and it works! I have been in love since 2013 and the love is still there today. The only negative I have with this vehicle is it makes you want to never stop driving, you will run errands that don’t really need to be done, take the long way home because you want to soak it in a little bit longer.

(I love heated seats and a heated steering wheel!!)

We were given the 2016 model to try out for a week and I can tell you a week is definitely not enough time to with this vehicle. I have always tried the Kia Sorento during the summer and fall and was excited to test it out during the winter with snow. We had it over Thanksgiving and it made the holiday even better.

I am overly paranoid about driving in the winter and the snow. I have precious cargo with me all the time and I want to keep them as safe as possible. I can’t control other drivers, but I can make sure I am driving a vehicle with a great safety rating and that will keep me in control of my own vehicle when the roads get bad. The KIA Sorrento does that and so much more! The safety specs on this vehicle are crazy cool!

:: Dual Front Seat-Mounted Side Airbags
:: Side Curtain Airbags (1st & 2nd Rows) – More airbags! Always a plus!
:: Rollover Sensor - If the airbag sensors detect an impending rollover; the system can deploy the side airbags, side curtain airbags and seat-belt pretensioners.
:: 3-Point Seat Belts for All Seating Positions
:: 4-Wheel Disc Brakes w/ABS - The Antilock Braking System uses electronic sensors at each wheel hub to detect when wheels begin skid. If skidding under braking is detected, ABS modulates brake force to reduce skidding which in turn allows for reduced braking distances in addition to helping you maintain control of your vehicle
:: Vehicle Stability Management - Vehicle Stability Management adds steering direction control capability, intervening when appropriate to further stabilize the vehicle. It helps you regain control and return the vehicle to its intended path.
:: Electronic Stability Control - Electronic Stability Control offers an enhanced level of vehicle control and peace of mind by offering improved directional stability helping you maintain the vehicle's intended direction of travel. ESC monitors and assists in the control of key vehicle functions by braking individual wheels and reducing engine power accordingly.
:: Traction Control System - The advanced Traction Control System can sense wheel spin during acceleration. Using a combination of engine power and brake force, power is transferred to the wheels that have the most traction offering increased control and traction.
:: Electronic Brake-Force Distribution - The Electronic Brake-Force Distribution system offers a measure of enhanced safety by electronically distributing appropriate amounts of braking pressure to each wheel through a network of sensors. The result is more controlled and precise handling while applying the brakes.
:: Hill Start Assist Control - Hill Start Assist Control offers an added measure of security when moving from a stop on a steep hill by preventing the vehicle from rolling backward. It functions by gently applying the brakes for two seconds while you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator.
:: Brake Assist System - The Brake Assist System adds an additional level of enhanced safety by detecting emergency braking situations and applying additional braking force. BAS instantly assesses a number of variables including brake pedal pressure and speed the brake pedal was depressed and responds with full braking force if necessary.
:: Tire-Pressure Monitoring System – Love this!! I never seem to remember to check my tire pressure, as soon as I get into the vehicle I can see if all four tires are good to go.
:: Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children - Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children is a universal child seat attachment system that allows for quick, easy and secure installation and removal of LATCH equipped child seats.
:: Rear Child-Safety Door Locks – Great for little Houdini’s who are always preparing their next trick. Lol

If that doesn’t make you feel safer out on the road, I don’t know what will! Beyond safety the Sorento brings so much more to the table. I am always so impressed with all the “bells and whistles” the Sorento has. One of my favorites is the camera system that shows a 360◦ view around the car. Anytime you are unsure about what’s around you or if you are parking in a tight spot, just hit the button for this bad boy and you will be good to go!

The Sorento still has all the amazing features of the previous years like heated and ventilated seats (this model had heated back seats!) a panoramic sunroof (definitely a must have!) and a backing camera.

Everything I need to be safe and comfortable anywhere I go. If you are looking for extra cargo space, the Sorrento has it in spades. While I was testing it out I decided to do a little last minute fall cleaning and was able to haul off a ton of stuff! The second row seats fold down perfectly flat to make even more cargo room. The tailgate closes and opens with a click of a button and has a wide opening for even more ease.

(There's a gliding chair in there somewhere I was able to fit even with everything else I stuffed in there!!)

Kia really knew what they were doing when they made this Sorento and it shows. If you are looking for a vehicle that “has it all” you need to check out the 2016 KIA Sorento, I highly recommend it.

I was given a vehicle loan for seven days to facilitate my review in no way has this affected my review, all opinions are my own.


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