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Friday, January 15, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I love being pampered while on vacation. Vacations are supposed to make you feel better, right? And what better way is there to feel refreshed and recharged than getting pampered? If you are heading to Vegas or already live nearby then you don’t want to miss the Salon and Spa and The Red Rock Casino & Resort. I recently went for a massage, manicure and hair treatment, and it was fabulous!

The Salon and Spa are connected, so you can enjoy everything in one location. I first went for my massage appointment and, after spending the previous day walking all around the strip, I was eager to get started to relieve all my aches and pains. I received the Red Rock Signature Massage and it put me in a peaceful Zen state of mind all day. I think I could have been told any amount of bad news after that massage and it would have just rolled off of me! For example, the airline: “Excuse me miss, we overbooked your flight home and you will be stuck in Vegas permanently.” Me with a smile on my face: “Oh, ok, that sounds good.”

For those that don’t know me, massages are one of my biggest indulgences. My husband can’t believe how often I “need” a massage. My mind, body and spirit always feel so much better after one. If I could have one every day I would, but I would want the Red Rock Signature Massage. It was clear to see and feel that the Red Rock Spa’s massage therapists have been trained very well and know how to make all the aches and pains simply disappear. Like I said I have received a lot of massages, but none as amazing as the Red Rock Signature Massage.

The atmosphere of the spa is peaceful and relaxed. You feel so at peace that you almost don’t want to leave. It’s a spa that you could easily get lost in for at least a few hours. If you are craving more than just a massage then they have a steam room, sauna, and pools to help you rest and recharge as well.
Afterward you can head downstairs to the salon for hair treatments and a manicure or pedicure. I received a shampoo, blow dry and style for my hair, along with a manicure to beautify my nails. I’ve had my hair done at a lot of salons, but never have I walked out with my hair feeling new and beautiful. I couldn’t believe how smooth and healthy it felt. If I were a local I would be there every week.

(This is my stylist Jennifer)

(This is my stylist Jennifer, torturing me! Just kidding!)

The salon staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating too. They waited for at least 15 minutes while I was tackling the hard task of choosing a color for my nails. I was so happy with how they came out, and they have held up over many tasks. After coming back to reality (better known as home) and doing loads and loads of dishes, I’m delighted to say that they still look great after over a week.

If you are already in Vegas then I would highly recommend heading over to the spa. If you are planning a vacation, skip the strip and head to The Red Rock Casino & Resort instead. They definitely know how to treat you right.

I received complimentary services to facilitate my review, in no way has that changed my opinions which are all my own.


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