T-Bones Chophouse - A Cut Above The Rest

Friday, January 15, 2016

Upscale dining options in Vegas can get overwhelming, there are celebrity chef restaurants that try to get you with the “fame” and others that try to claim the have the best “fill in the blank” you’ve ever had, but really the “best I’ve ever had” in Vegas is located off the strip; introducing… T-Bones Chophouse. It unassumingly sits inside The Red Rock Casino & Resort and in my opinion the name doesn’t quite give it the recognition it rightly deserves. Before making our reservations I hadn’t had the time to look at reviews or do any research like I normally do, I had no idea what to expect.

As you walk in the atmosphere is warm and inviting and my eyes turn to the large fireplace in the middle of the room. The assistant manager Jason talks to us for a minute and seats us, and I can already tell the staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating.

Everything on the menu looked amazing and only made it harder to make a decision. The wagyu filet mignon caught my eye though and I knew I had to have it. I know T-Bones Chophouse has many amazing steaks and entrées, but to be honest if I went back I would have a hard time ordering anything else. From the first bite of the wagyu filet mignon, I was hooked. I wanted to sit there and savor every bite. The natural flavors of the meat came through in an incredible and delicious way. I always order my meat medium rare, I have been to other chophouses in the past and the meat ends up tasting more like blood than meat. If done right, this shouldn’t happen. The chefs at T-Bones Chophouse obviously know their stuff and how to create a perfect steak.

The side dishes were just as impressive. We were privileged to indulge in a large part of the menu and tried roughly 10 different dishes. I have to be honest I am not normally a huge fan of asparagus, but I couldn’t get enough of the grilled asparagus with hollandaise sauce. I think even my kids would have loved it and that’s saying a lot.

Two different corn sides were my husband’s favorites; the charred sweet corn with cotija cheese and chipotle mayo and the creamed corn with a parmesan crust. They were both amazing and yet both so different.

What stood out almost more than the fantastic meal was the impeccable service. Although I was doing a review of the restaurant and I yet to this day had a bad experience during a restaurant review, I pay careful attention to notice how other patrons are being attended to. I want to see that there is a standard of service that will meet everyone’s needs, that is the only way I feel confident in recommending it to you, my readers.

The standard is more than adequate at T-Bones, as I watched around the restaurant I noticed everyone’s needs being taken care of even before it became a need. Like a chess game, the staff was anticipating the next move of what would be needed and they swooped in to take care of it; checkmate.

Above are the chef's special; fried Oreo's! To be completely honest these weren't my favorite, but my husband love them! My personal favorite was the crème brûlée.

T-Bones Chophouse is not just a stop-in if you happen to be off the strip, this meal is a must-have no matter where your plans in Vegas take you.

I received a meal to facilitate my review, as always all opinions are my own.


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