Best Western Dry Creek Inn - A Wonderful Surprise In Wine Country

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Our family loves Best Western’s; I don’t think that’s much of a secret or surprise. What is a surprise especially to us is how different each of them can be. You expect chains to be “cookie-cutter”, but with Best Western, you are dealing with different owners making their hotel a fantastic place for you! There is not another shining example like this than with the Best Western Dry Creek Inn.

When you first pull up, if it weren’t for the signs outside, you would wonder if you were at the wrong hotel. It looks like a beautiful Tuscan themed luxury hotel, not a Best Western. There are two separate buildings and what feels like endless places to sit, relax and unwind; it’s fabulous!

There are two pools which the kiddos loved and several hot tubs for the adults. No shortage of places to chill and appreciate the beautiful countryside you just drove through. Once again, a Best Western with free laundry facilities; for a mom this is a lifesaver! I wasn’t the only one that enjoyed this great feature, though, there were a lot of guests using the laundry facilities and it was easy to see it was appreciated.

I loved the feel of the rooms at Best Western Dry Creek Inn; they were new, clean, well decorated, and super comfy. Definitely a fantastic place to sit back and relax.

My husband’s favorite thing to do while staying at Best Western Dry Creek Inn was heading down to the lobby to grab some great coffee and head to one of the many fire pits and wind down the evening. This is a hotel that wraps you up in the evening and makes you just want to stay in and soak it up.
For anyone traveling near or through Sonoma, you won’t want to miss The Best Western Dry Creek Inn. Be sure to check them out!


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