Pier South: So Much More Than Your Average Beach Hotel

Thursday, February 25, 2016

When our family recently headed to San Diego I knew I wanted a different hotel experience, something that embodied the San Diego spirit. I found that and so much more in the amazing hotel; Pier South. When you first pull up it looks like an unassuming beach hotel. Once inside you realize this isn’t your “run of the mill beach hotel”. Instead, this is quite possibly the best beach hotel I have ever stayed in. 

(My welcome surprise, they sure now how to treat a girl!)

The rooms are beautifully appointed and incredibly warm and welcoming, five minutes in the room and I already feel at home. Each room has a wonderful balcony and I would highly recommend you request an ocean front room. This is as “ocean front” as you can possibly get, and the views from your balcony will be fantastic!

Waking up to the ocean and beach right out our door just made every day so much better. It also gave the kiddos some entertainment when I had to work in the room. They would sit out on the balcony and just watch the waves and the people go by. If you don’t feel like getting sand all over you, but you are looking for some fun in the water, Pier South has a wonderful pool to splash around in. They also have a fitness center, Spa, yummy on-site restaurant and more. 

One of our nights we decided to have a dinner & a movie night! We went downstairs to SEA180 had a great meal and topped it off with movie night. I would definitely say Pier South is a fantastic place for the whole family to relax and unwind.

There was one little gem though that made me fall in love with the hotel even more. Something I think a lot of guests may have not even realized was there; a rooftop lounge. When we first checked in I saw that there were five floors in the elevator, but from the outside of the building I could clearly see that there were only four floors to the hotel. So on our second day I had to check it out. I hit the 5th-floor button and was pleasantly surprised when the elevator doors opened to a beachy roof-top lounge area. 

It’s a great spot to just chill, hang out, or sip a drink and watch the sunset. After my discovery, you couldn’t drag me away from this spot. Pier South also has a great area near the pool as well that you can relax and, of course, there’s always the beach.

Pier South is one of those places you just can’t seem to soak in enough of. Even if you had a month to stay there it wouldn’t be quite enough. You want time to just freeze so you can enjoy it just a little bit more. Of course, there’s always next time and with a hotel like Pier South, there should always be a next time.

I will just leave these here for you to dream about until your visit to Pier South...


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