The Best Mexican Food In An Unlikely Place - El Vaquero

Thursday, March 17, 2016

To be honest when we headed to Calaveras County I was expecting to find a Mexican restaurant in the mountains, let alone one that was super packed. I am a firm believer that locals know what's best, and if you follow the locals in Arnold they will take you to El Vaquero. Nestled in an unassuming spot with the forest as a background you will find some of the best food around. It’s even argued that it's some of the best Mexican food you will find in Cali (my vote is yes).

(That's her "This is so yummy!" face)

Some of the best restaurants around don’t worry about décor or trying too hard to be hip, because really it’ all about the food; that’s why you’re there. The same can be said about El Vaquero, it’s a mom and pop restaurant whose main focus is settled on incredible food. No frills, no gimmicks just great food. El Vaquero doesn’t take reservations so you might want to get there early before they fill up, and trust me they will fill up. Some locals are here almost every day and it’s no secret why.

I really loved the tortillas at El Vaquero, you could tell they were made fresh in the restaurant and if allowed I would have consumed way too many! All of the food tasted incredibly fresh and I could tell that this would be a place we would be at every week if we lived in the area. It would be a definite favorite. El Vaquero is a fantastic place to take the whole family for a great meal and I hope to be back soon!

Big thank you to Calaveras County for hosting our family! As usual all opinions are my own on this article.


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