Winter Adventure with Bear Valley Cross Country!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

As part of our Bear Valley adventure in Calaveras County we couldn’t pass up the chance to dig in and really get into the snow. We had two fantastic options to help us expand our winter activities; cross country skiing or tubbing with Bear Valley Cross Country. Our family has never been skiing and I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for my daughter who has begged to do it in the past to be able to finally be able to ski. Unfortunately that was overshadowed by the prospect of my five year old probably whining the whole time about being tired and cold. So we opted for tubing, knowing it would be a blast and we could easily quit if anyone got too tired or cold.

Bear Valley Cross Country is an excellent place to start though if you are looking to get your little ones into skiing or if you yourself are looking for a great winter activity. I think most people think about starting off on the bunny hills, but why not start on flat ground? With cross country skiing you can really get used to the skis and all the gear without the worry of tumbling down the mountain side. Bear Valley Cross Country specializes in cross country skiing and can get you all set up and ready to go. It’s also a fantastic option for kids, getting them warmed up to skiing.

We will definitely be back to Bear Valley Cross Country when my son is a little older, but for now we absolutely loved their tubing hill.
Bear Valley Cross Country has created these fantastic tubing hills that the kiddos (and even the adults) can go down again and again. Make sure you plan plenty of time for this activity as it can be addicting to keep tubing all day long. I was surprised how well constructed the tubes were. They had think plastic surrounding the tube making it not only super fun, but also a lot warmer. (no cold behinds on the way down) ;)

This is definitely a great activity for any age and something worth heading up for to beat the winter boredom blues!

Big thank you to Calaveras County and the restaurants above for hosting our family! As usual all opinions are my own on this article.



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