Three Dining Essentials in Calaveras County!

March 2016

Ironstone Winery Deli – Some of my favorite dining options come with a view and the same can be said with Ironstone Winery Deli. Not only can you have some of the best sandwiches, but you can have the while looking out at the Ironstone Winery.  After all you can’t fill up on just wine ;)

After eating at the Ironstone Winery Deli be sure to check out everything the Ironstone Winery has to offer. They have a great little museum complete with a 44 pound gold nugget!! Who can pass up seeing the world’s largest piece of crystalline gold?

Firewood – When you drive into Murphy’s it’s hard to not spend hours lost in all the cute little shops, but eventually you will need to eat and you will want to head to Firewood. Inside you find a fantastic hip pizza, burger and taco restaurant. You heard me right. Now normally I wouldn’t think those would all go together and really they don’t unless you can do them as well as Firewood does. We ordered all three and weren’t disappointed.

The burgers are huge and incredibly flavorful, the pizza is done the only way I prefer; cooked in a brick oven and the tacos were right on point. This is an amazing joint that will only make your trip to Murphy’s even better! 

Suzies Café – This gem in the mountains looks like your regular diner, but is far from it. I thought I was going to have to be rolled out of Suzies Café thanks to the amazingly generous portion sizes! We ate a fantastic breakfast at Suzies Café that was the epitome of an Americana home cooked meal.

These plate sizes are huge and the food is great, so make sure you come hungry to Suzies! The best part? It won’t break the bank! Suzies Café is priced to bring the whole family in! When we head back to Calaveras County our first stop will definitely be Suzies Café!

Big thank you to Calaveras County and the restaurants above for hosting our family! As usual all opinions are my own on this article.


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