Expanding Creativity with Color Me Mine!

April 2016

At our recent stay with Green Valley Ranch, we were given a special opportunity to try out Color Me Mine. If you haven’t heard of Color Me Mine, it’s a fantastic place for kids and adults to find their creative side through making your own painted creations. This was our first time doing anything like this and the kids were super excited to try it out.

After we walked in, we were told to pick out a ceramic to paint and take it to a table. The kids were also able to pick out the paint colors they wanted. My little boy picked out a bunny and my daughter wanted to make a kitty food dish for her grandmother’s cats.

The staff at Color Me Mine was so helpful in making sure we were set up. Plus, they also will give you painting tips if needed. The atmosphere at Color Me Mine is relaxed and fun, and I can see it as a great place to go with friends to hang out and create something new.

He was so serious about his bunny, it was adorable!

Once the kids were done painting, they handed over their new creations to be glazed and baked. We had ours shipped home to us since we were visiting. My kids kept waiting everyday hoping they would be dropped off. Once they came, the kids were so happy to see what they looked like after glazing.

We put my son’s bunny in the yard and my daughter loved giving what she made to her grandma. On our next trip to Henderson, we will definitely be stopping at Color Me Mine. The kiddos are looking forward to making new things and I can’t wait to make some gifts!

You can check out Color Me Mine Henderson here and see if you have a Color Me Mine location near you here.

I received this opportunity from Green Valley Ranch, all opinions are my own.


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