Green Valley Ranch: Where Families Play In Vegas

It can be tough taking your whole family to Vegas, as planning a completely kid-friendly time seems complicated. The city went through a very small period of being family-friendly, but those days are definitely gone. I love heading to Vegas for a girls’ weekend or to get away with my husband, but occasionally it’s nice to head to warmer weather with the kids too.

Trying to find a hotel that will happily accommodate the kids can be difficult, but that’s where Green Valley Ranch Resort steps in. Not only will you not feel silly for bringing your kids to Vegas, you will be happy you did. When we first walked in I immediately realized that I didn’t hear any slot machines or the normal sounds you expect to hear at a casino. I soon found out that it’s because Green Valley Ranch purposely separates the casino and the hotel. You can get to both through the same building, but they made an extra effort to make them feel separate. This way you have fun in one part and relaxation in another - a pleasant divide. As a guest you can completely skip the casino if you want to.

If you want to have some more adult fun in the casino, Green Valley Ranch has an amazing option to keep the adults and kids happy. Drop your kids off at Kids Quest and you can go out for a date night or stay on property for some fun at the casino. My husband and I dropped our kids off at Kids Quest and went to a movie, dinner, and out dancing. The kids had a blast and we were able to have a lovely night to ourselves. Green Valley Ranch redefines the “family vacation” by providing something for everyone. It’s the only place I know of where fun exists for both kids and adults.

Our family’s favorite place to hang out together was by the pool. This was by far my daughter’s favorite pool, and she has seen a lot of pools during our travels. Between the fantastic sand beach area and the amazing cabanas, it made for a perfect area to relax and play every afternoon. Walking into Green Valley Ranch you are instantly hit with a fantastic resort feel that makes you want to just lounge outside all day and soak it in.

We also had the opportunity to try out Cowabunga Bay, which is near Green Valley Ranch. You can request a special package when booking and get Cowabunga Bay tickets with your room. The kids loved going to this huge water park and trying some of the slides out. Be sure to look under “promotions” when booking for special packages like this to add more fun to your stay.

All the rooms at Green Valley Ranch are luxurious, but our suite was above and beyond. We stayed in a beautiful Tuscany suite with separate areas for the kids and the adults, making it an enjoyable experience for all. At Green Valley you won’t be crammed into a tiny room; they are large, luxurious, and perfectly appointed. I would highly recommend getting one of their suites for a fabulous experience.

The rooms once again reminded me of how nice the separation of hotel and casino was. My husband and I enjoy playing roulette or blackjack from time to time, but I find the casino floors can really cheapen the feel of the hotel. I’ve been to quite a few luxurious hotels in Vegas, but walking through a bunch of slot machines to get to your room takes some of that luxury away. With Green Valley Ranch, from the moment you check-in to the moment your head hits your pillow, it’s all a luxurious experience. No noisy machines; just peace, quiet, and relaxation. It’s truly fantastic and a completely different experience than anything you will find on the strip.

(*Secret Tip* When picking up some morning coffee be sure to ask for a kids cup of whip cream! It's free and the kiddos love it!)

I am a strong believer in staying with hotels that provide almost everything you need on property, and Green Valley makes it possible to only leave if you want to. You will find amazing restaurants and also some staples like Starbucks, Panda Express, and more. If you have kids I highly recommend heading to the Grand Café and getting the bananas foster. We went for breakfast one morning, and both the kids were in awe when they lit the syrup on fire and poured it over the bananas and decadent French toast. It was definitely the highlight of their day, and they now can’t wait to try it again.

For a date night, Green Valley boasts everything from fine steaks to sushi! While my favorite steak will always be at Red Rock Casino, it’s almost a tie with the steak I had at Hank’s Fine Steaks. My husband and I went on a date to Hank’s before our movie and it was fantastic. If you aren’t feeling like steak they also have some amazing seafood options!

(Family movie night in our fabulous suite!)

As we were leaving Green Valley Ranch, it hit me that this was by far one of the most relaxing vacations for our family.That’s what you are trying to achieve by going on vacation, right? We all felt rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to go back to the “real world.”  Our family can’t wait to plan our next vacation with Green Valley Ranch, and you should start planning yours as well! You can check out all of details of Green Valley Ranch here.

I received this opportunity from Green Valley Ranch, all opinions are my own.


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