Buena Park: Bursting With Family Fun!

For family fun in California, one destination tops all others; welcome to Buena Park! Bursting with theme parks, family-friendly entertainment and more; it’s this summer’s go to family destination. On our family’s last visit, we even grabbed the grandparents and made it a multigenerational trip! Buena Park has fun for the young and the young at heart.

Our little girl is a huge Snoopy fan, so Knott’s Berry Farm was a must for our California trip. Once she donned her Snoopy ears, she was ready to head to Camp Snoopy and all the other fun areas Knott’s Berry Farm had in store for us.

(Even Snoopy has to have his teeth brushed)

(She can't get enough Snoopy!)

Our hotel, Radisson Suites Hotel Buena Park, had a shuttle that dropped us off right at Knott’s, but we found it was super easy to walk and only took about five minutes. Almost everything we enjoyed while at Buena Park was within walking distance, which was fantastic! We didn’t have to worry about packing up the car for every outing and could walk off some of the amazing food we found while in Buena Park.

We quickly found out that Knott’s Berry Farm was a great theme park for any adventure level. While we have one child itching to jump on the first roller-coaster she sees, we have another one that is more apprehensive. Knott’s Berry Farm had plenty of rides for each of them, and they both had a blast.

Camp Snoopy was definitely the highlight for both of our kids, as it contained kid coasters and fun, small rides. If you are a Peanuts fan, you have to check out this area of the park, where the theming is so cute! This area of the park had rides that even the grandparents could enjoy and get a kick out of.

A huge surprise to me was the authentic Denver and Rio Grande Narrow Gauge train used in the early 1900s! When you go to a theme park, you expect a little train that adults usually have to cram into, but this is a real train complete with train robbers!

(Stick Em' Up!)

While at Knott’s Berry, you have to head over for a meal at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner. This is where it all began! In 1934, Mrs. Knott’s served up fried chicken on the farm and tourists have been coming to Buena Park for that amazing chicken ever since. This is now by far one of my favorite restaurants!

The chicken is obviously the main attraction here, but you can’t overlook the amazing biscuits and boysenberry punch. My husband isn’t a huge fan of biscuits, but he couldn’t get enough of these! I had to remind him not to fill up on too many, or he wouldn’t have room for his dinner. Lol.

After a long day of riding rides, you will need some boysenberry punch, which is one of the most refreshing drinks around and you won’t be able to get enough of it. I wish I had it on tap at my house! If you are looking for a fantastic family meal while in Buena Park, you can’t go wrong with Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner.

The fun doesn’t stop after your visit to Knott’s Berry Farm; Buena Park has many great activities to entertain your family once the sun goes down. Our family enjoyed two amazing dinner shows! Our first was Medieval Times, where we were immersed in an epic battle cheering for a knight on our side.

The second show we saw was Pirates Dinner Adventure. This live theater included a pirate’s feast for the whole family. Our kids loved the huge pirate ship, and my daughter loved that the show had a princess and a female pirate. Both shows were a hit with our family by providing not only some great interactive entertainment, but also happy tummies.

If you are looking for a cool treat for the whole family, you will want to hop on over to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour. Here, you will find so many ice cream treats you won’t know what to choose! The kids loved picking out toppings and crazy concoctions while I enjoyed an amazingly yummy shake. Head to their website before stopping by and make a reservation as they get quite popular!

If that somehow wasn’t enough to get you jump started on your Buena Vista vacation, Buena Park is only 5 miles from Disneyland and most Buena Park hotels have a direct shuttle service to Disneyland! Bonus!

We received hosting to facilitate this review, all opinions and information are my own.

Buena Park really is a must-visit destination this summer and your family will have not only more fun than they can handle, but also some pretty fantastic memories!


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