The Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone - 4 Star Luxury with a Twist of Nature

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

While I love being outdoors, I am far cry from a “camping girl”. I love nature up to a point. I have always been this way and now that I am a mother I feel even more strongly against the difficulties of “roughing it”. My kids get messy enough on a regular day at home; I don’t need to complicate things by having them surrounded by dirt and mud. So when we recently planned a trip to Yellowstone I wanted our family to have an authentic experience, while at the same time not ending up covered in dirt and smelling like campfire.

This is why I chose to stay at The Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone; we could soak in Mother Nature while staying comfortable and dirt free. Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone offer the ultimate cabin experience with a luxurious feel.

The Explorer Cabins are conveniently located just right outside the West Yellowstone entrance and within minutes you can be right inside the park! When traveling with kids, ease and convenience are a must and the cabins have everything needed to make your trip a breeze. You will find a fantastic kitchenette with dishes, pots, tea kettle, coffee maker and more. While there are many dining options in and outside of the park, if you feel like a home cooked meal in your cabin; bon appetite!

The cabins are beautifully appointed and have all the comforts of home and a four star hotel. A favorite with the kids was the fire pits located just outside the cabins. In the evenings we would take our provided s’mores kit and head outside to make an after dinner treat!

If you plan on bringing your four legged friend with you, The Explorer Cabins have pet friendly cabins as well.

Not only will you be incredibly close to Yellowstone and Old Faithful, but you are with-in walking distance of the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center and a short drive from shops and grocery stores.

No other hotel or accommodations can get you as close to all the adventure in Yellowstone while providing your family with the comfort and luxury you want. The Explorer Cabins are a quintessential part of the Yellowstone experience that your family won’t want to miss.


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