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December 2016

Travel day, the very words that give me anxiety and butterflies in my stomach. Getting four people from point A to point B isn’t as easy as one might think. So many little details go into our whole family traveling, and the one detail that stresses me out before we even leave for the airport is how we are going to haul our luggage around. This one task can make our family go from a cute family getting ready for a fun trip to two stressed out parents frantically running through the airport with two uncooperative kids asking “when can we stop pulling our luggage?”

I used to have dreams of walking into the airport with nothing but my passport, or maybe just my laptop bag and the bare essentials for the plane ride. You see those people occasionally, with just one little bag and you think wow, how can they get by with only one bag? Are they packing pros? Are they headed to some deserted island where they can get away with wearing the same outfit every day? I think I may have found their secret and it’s not that their bag is bigger than it looks; no, I think they found Luggage Free.

In my recent desperate search to make my dreams of hassle-free travel come true, I came across Luggage Free. Luggage Free is a service that will restore your sanity on your next trip. They will ship your luggage to your destination for you and take care of every little detail! All you have to do is head to the airport and they will take care of everything else for you! I have to admit I was a little skeptical.

On our last trip, we needed our bags to go from Utah to a small island in Greece. Just thinking about the logistics of that seemed daunting. If I had to ship our bags myself, I don’t even know where I would start? Not only is that an incredibly long journey, but it was also complicated by the fact that we needed them delivered to a local post office on this island.

I was legitimately worried they would either be sent back unable to be delivered or somehow lost at the many points and customs areas they would have to go through. I left our three bags in the hands of Luggage Free and tried to relax knowing I was going to be able to board a twelve-hour flight not weighed down by pounds and pounds of luggage, but being able to walk on with my one small backpack comfortably.

(The kids were able to bring their cases of coloring materials, toys and more thanks to Luggage Free!)

The kids also only had to carry their backpack with the little essentials they needed on the plane, and it was a lifesaver! No whining, no complaining, just complete ease and happy faces, and we quickly went through TSA, walked around the airport a bit, and boarded our flight. Not having three big pieces of luggage greatly cut down our time through TSA and made our airport experience actually pleasant.

We had a small stop over in London on our way to Greece. Being able to see all the sights without dragging our luggage all around the city made our little time in London wonderful!

Up to our arrival, I had been receiving updates as to where our luggage was. Luggage Free tracks everything for you, so you know exactly where it is and that it will be shipped on schedule. Our bags arrived early to our destination, and I was relieved to see they had arrived with no issues. If Luggage Free can handle getting three large rollers from the west coast all the way to a small island post office in a foreign country, I would definitely trust them with any task and any destination! Luggage Free can make your trip not only seamless and stress-free, but also can forever change the way you travel. And that’s a fantastic thing!

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