Meteora Travel Guide - Getting The Most Out Of This Magical Destination

I recently wrote about our amazing experience in Meteora Greece, and how it completely changed and shaped our family’s trip to Greece. In the three months our family has been in Greece, our short four day stay in Meteora will be what I treasure the most, and I want to pass along tips to help your family make the most of this amazing little part of Greece. This is because if you don’t have a plan before you arrive, the beauty will leave you like a deer in the headlights. You will literally just stand in awe and not move, so let’s get you moving with some places, food, and activities that will make your trip unforgettable!

First up, where to stay?

Meteora definitely isn’t lacking in accommodations and it can actually be very overwhelming trying to find one that will fit your needs exactly. If you are family travelers I highly recommend:

Epavlis Suites

I also would recommend this hotel for any solo travelers, but it is absolutely perfect for those travelling with kids. This is a family-run hotel, so they understand the needs of families during their stay. The rooms are large with a cool loft for the kids and plenty of space for the adults with a clean, modern feel.

The hotel serves an amazing breakfast that puts hotels in the U.S. to shame (sorry to say that!). Kids and parents will love this full breakfast as it includes something for everyone’s tastes.

But here is a clincher, the number one reason you have to stay at Epavlis Suites and no other property or hotel will do...

Yep, that’s me chilling on my balcony with what could arguably be the best view in the world. And if that weren’t enough, our room had two balconies! You could send the kids to one while you and your partner relax on the other!

Now that you know where to stay, it’s time to get out and see the sites! What’s the best way to this?

Book a Tour

You can head over here to the Visit Meteora website and check out all the amazing tours they have. Not only will these add so much more to your stay, but they are also a really inexpensive way to see and experience Meteora. The Visit Meteora tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable and not only can show you around Meteora, but they have a wealth of knowledge about the area, which you can then share with family and friends once back home, showing off your amazing photos, and trust me, you will want to show this place off!

Head out on your own

Drive down some of the main roads in Kalabaka and you will find some amazing sites on your own! The main road Trikalon will lead you to the center of town where you will find cute shops and plenty of amazing restaurants.

Head down the E92 and you can check out the very cool Natural History Museum of Meteora & Mushroom Museum. This is a fantastic Museum filled with interesting exhibits that will fascinate kids and adults.  

Now you can’t spend all your time touring and taking in the amazing views, your family will have to eat once in a while, right?

Where to Eat

Why not dinner with a view? If you just can’t seem to take your eyes off of the scenery, then Meteoron Panorama Restaurant is where you will want to dine.

The name says it all, but the view isn’t the only reason why you are going to this restaurant on a hill. The food is superb and comes in portions, putting mothers in Italy to shame. I didn’t see a kids menu, but the prices are really reasonable, so we just let the kids order what they wanted. Just be prepared for lots of leftovers! You will also want to plan plenty of time for dinner to really soak in all the flavors and the views.

The Meteoron Panorama Restaurant has a large covered and uncovered terrace that will make it the most memorable dinner on your trip.

If you are looking for a truly unique Greek dining experience, you will also want to include Restaurant Panellinion in your itinerary. During the summer time, the restaurant opens up a space right in the center of Kalambaka, outside right next to a beautiful fountain. You can also choose to eat inside, in what feels like a restaurant your grandmother would have. You walk in and you not only feel at home, but you immediately know you are in for an amazing home cooked meal that will fill you up for weeks!

The hospitality runs high, and the food fulfills every desire or hankering you’ve had for authentic Greek cuisine. You will feel like you’re eating with family, even if you only have a table for one.

Now that you have a head start on your trip details, it’s time to book that flight and start exploring this magical place for yourself. Although don’t say I didn’t warn you... you will never want to leave once you lay your eyes on Meteora.

We received hosting to facilitate this review, all opinions and information are my own.


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