The Most Underrated Event You Need to Attend - Start Planning Now!

Friday, March 10, 2017

There are few events that I would recommend for anyone of any age and interests, but there is one that I believe will have a positive effect on anyone that attends. Let me first tell you that I myself almost didn’t make it to this event and I was hesitant in even going. I bought my tickets but soon started to question whether I wanted to drive all the way out to the desert with two kids in tow. It seemed like a lot of work by myself and my husband was sick. Looking back I can’t believe I had to talk myself into going. I have been to many different festivals, concerts and events, but none as spectacular as this one and none that I would recommend for everyone.

If you make plans to attend anything this year make sure you take part in a lantern festival! Here are five things that I took away from the experience and hopefully five ways it will change you too:

#1 – Beauty

The sight of all those lanterns being sent up into the sky is simply breathtaking. I had no idea what to expect at my first lantern festival; I knew it would beautiful, but I had no idea to what extent. As soon as I watched over 2,000 delicate lanterns released into the air, I was truly moved and I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I almost cried. It made it even more amazing to know that written on those lanterns were the hopes and dreams of hundreds of people. Some participants sent up lanterns for loved ones who had passed. I watched tears streaming down faces as they remembered those who had gone before them. It was truly stunning. 

#2 – Peace

Releasing a lantern brings an inexplicable peace. It was one of the most calming experiences I've ever had. Calmness and clarity wash over you as you release your lantern into the sky.

#3 – Enlightenment

I know it sounds cheesy and many people will say, “all you did was send a fiery ball into the sky,” but it was an experience that truly made me examine different aspects of my life and where I was heading. If you genuinely sit back and soak it all in, amazing things will happen.

#4 – Deepened Relationships

When you gather so many people in one spot with such a profound goal, it’s inevitable that you will meet new people and be drawn closer to them. Chances are you will have things in common and be likeminded as well. I took my kids with me and they were able to meet other children and gain new friends as well. It was a fantastic human event!

#5 – Once in a Lifetime Experience

If you are hesitant about paying to go to a lantern festival, all I can say is DO IT! It’s well worth the investment and will be something you always remember. It is so much more than just sending lanterns into the sky. 

A concern I had about participating in a lantern festival was the environmental impact. I did a lot of research before attending and found a lantern festival that not only spends days cleaning up afterward, but also uses biodegradable products and makes it a point to be eco-friendly. No issues there!

Our lantern festival also had face painters, fire dancers, and so much more! My kids still talk it about it to this day and I can’t wait till we can experience it again! I'm usually the mom running around with hand sanitizer trying to keep my kids clean, but this was a great event too let go and let them get a little messy. My little boy loved playing in the dirt.


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