How I Took My Photos From Okay to Amazing!

Beautiful pictures, we all see them all the time and wish our photos were just as nice. In the age of amazing Instagram pages plastered with beautiful destinations, food and more it can be hard to not feel like your own photos just don’t stand out as well or pop. There are many photo editing programs out there to help in making beautiful photos, but they all come with their own complications. When you need to have courses to learn a program you know it’s going to be more complicated than just uploading a photo and making a few tweaks. These programs can also put a serious dent in your wallet.

It can take me hours to edit my photos and I can tell you it is time I would rather spend doing something else. Maybe not hanging out with a super creepy Golden silk orb-weaver spider, but definitely something else.

I hear all the time that it’s cheating or ruining the quality of the photo by editing it, but I can tell you that any famous photographer or even just professional photographer edits all their photos. It’s not about fooling those that will view the photo or creating something completely different, we’re not talking about photoshopping 20 pounds off of your great Aunt Edna, most of the time it’s just about capturing what your eyes saw in that moment. So maybe Aunt Edna’s sweater seemed a lot more colorful to you at the time you took the photograph. There are times your camera just can’t quite capture what you actually see, and that’s why we edit photos.

I can’t even count how many times I have been to a beautiful destination and I take the best photo possible, but once I sit down to look at it on my computer it just doesn’t have the same impact as what I had seen. My camera didn’t quite capture the colors, and they are a little more dull or it feels as if all the detail is missing. I have to admit that there are times where it just comes down to user error. I think everything was in focus or lined up just right and it turns out it wasn’t. Whoops. Not always the great photographer I think I am. Sometimes when this happens I really still want save the photo due to the context or a subject that’s in the photo. Saving photos like this can take me hours.

I have to admit; I got kind of fed up after spending hours on the photos from my last trip to Japan that I decided to scour the internet for a better option. This is how I found Photolemur. To be honest it seemed too easy at first, but I was really intrigued. Photolemur states on their website that their program will “Make all your photos perfect automatically with Artificial Intelligence”. “Perfect” with AI definitely piqued my attention. I wanted to see exactly how amazing this AI was and exactly how it would improve my photos.

I took Photolemur for a spin and I was wildly impressed. They claim that it’s not magic, but I don’ buy it, it feels like magic to me. It didn’t turn my photos from real to fake, it only made them more real. The photos I just couldn’t quite capture the lighting were instantly well lit. The colors I saw when taking my photos were suddenly there again.

As they put it on their website: “Photolemur automatically knows how to create images that wow. It analyzes and adjusts all the various elements of your photos - faces, objects, the sky, and everything in between - to achieve the perfect result.”

It automatically knew what was missing from my photos and all I had to do was import them and my job was done. I couldn’t believe how simple it was.

Step one: Grab a photo
Step Two: Drag said photo into Photolemur
Step Three: Sit back and wait for the magic to happen
Step Four: Marvel at your beautiful photos
Seriously, it’s that easy. My 7 year old could do it.

While I can’t recommend this enough for photographers and travelers, Photolemur really is for anyone who appreciates beautiful photos. Photolemur would be an amazing tool for any mom who wants to capture fantastic family photos. You can’t always make everyone smile or hold still, but you can make sure the lighting, colors and detail are perfect with Photolemur.

Pictures of kid’s soccer games, ballet recitals and school plays will be exactly how you remember them to be. You will feel proud to share family photos with everyone you know!

Photolemur really is the perfect solution for anyone who owns a camera. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or pro, If you have a point and shoot or thousands of dollars’ worth of camera equipment, Photolemur really is the perfect photo enhancement solution for anyone and I highly recommend you head over here to try out this amazing tool for yourself. Take it for a test drive and see what it can do for your photos!

A big thank you to Photolemur for providing us with copies of Photolemur in order to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.


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