4 Tips for the Ultimate Family Fall Road Trip!

Fall is by far my favorite season; my husband calls me the Goldilocks of seasons because I can find something wrong with every season except fall. The air is crisp, the colors are beautiful and it’s the perfect time for a family road trip! As with any time you stick kiddos in a car though it’s always best to be prepared especially for long rides. As a mom who had traveled all over the US with kids in tow here are my top tips for getting the most out of your families fall road trip!

#1 – Map it out

While you may be able to find fall colors anywhere there are always more picturesque spots you will want to map out beforehand. You might want to also map out other points of interest and bathroom breaks. Try to find places to picnic, state parks and maybe even a lake or river. Be sure to find plenty of places where kids can get outside of the car and burn off some energy. The more time they spend outside of the car the happier they will be when they are stuck in the car.

#2 – Scavenger Hunt

Stop for a leaf scavenger hunt! Kids need to get their wiggles out and nothing is more fun than a scavenger hunt. This activity will get them really excited about the fall road trip and this will quickly turn into a fun tradition. You can make a pretty simple list for older kids and one with pictures for non-readers. A great opportunity for the whole family to stretch their legs and burn off some energy. I would suggest finding a picnic spot that you can hang out at for a bit. This is a great activity that can really take as little or as much time as you want.

#3 – Get crafty

Why not use some of those items from the scavenger hunt for a little electronic free time? While kids would love to just be glued to phones and games the best part of a fall road trip is family bonding and soaking in nature. Use leaves and other objects for craft time in the car. This will also keep the “Are we there yet?” questions at bay. Pack some extra items like crayons, twine and a glue stick and see what their imaginations can create!

#4 – Be prepared for any food emergency with The CleverMade SnapBasket Cooler

Having fresh food and cold drinks can be a lifesaver on a family road trip. No one (except possibly the kids) wants to eat from roadside dives and gas stations. YUCK! Why sacrifice healthy snacks and food just because you are on the road? The super stylish CleverMade SnapBasket Cooler can hold up to 50 can plus ice!! It’s super sturdy and has a leak proof interior so it can survive any road trip. It keeps drinks cold for 36 hours making it perfect for the whole day. I highly recommend packing it with drinks, meat slices, cheese, yogurt, fruit & veggies and you will be set! The CleverMade SnapBasket Cooler can easily fit in the backseat and if you have enough room I highly recommend this so you can grab a snack anytime you want. Also once your trip is done the cooler easily collapses so there is no need to store a bulky cooler. Our family uses two CleverMade SnapBasket Coolers so we can grab any snacks we find along the way. Not only will this be an amazingly fun fall road trip, but a healthy one too thanks to the CleverMade SnapBasket Cooler! Head over here to grab your own CleverMade SnapBasket Cooler and check out all of their other products that make life simpler!

Let us know what some of your fall road trip tips and suggestions are! Happy Autumn!

A big thank you to CleverMade for providing our family with coolers in order to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.


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