The Complete LEGOLAND Malaysia Experience From a Kid’s Perspective

We recently visited Johor Malaysia for a great family vacation and we wanted to include as many kid friendly activities as possible. With this in mind, we knew we had to go to LEGOLAND Malaysia! LEGOLAND Malaysia is the full LEGO experience with a hotel, water park, and theme park. Every part of the property is really easy to access and I highly recommend staying at the hotel since you can be right at the water or theme park in less than two minutes.

While the whole LEGOLAND Malaysia experience is super fun and exciting for adults it’s something kids will always remember and cherish.

(He was so proud of his "Petronas Towers" that he made)

Now of course kids absolutely love all the rides, but we wanted to explore a little more about what makes LEGOLAND Malaysia so special. Below is what our kid’s said were the top three reasons why they think LEGOLAND Malaysia is the best vacation spot for families:

#1 - The Hotel

This is where all the magic starts and once our kids entered it was a sensory overload! So many LEGOS, and so much fun stuff happening all around! Kids will love the wall of over 12,000 minifigures, a pirate ship and castle and more LEGOS to play with than you can imagine. And that’s just the lobby! Once you have your room keys you will find a surprise in the elevators.

As soon as the doors close disco lights and music start. My kids instantly had huge smiles on their faces and started to dance to the music. Definitely no boring elevator rides here! The rooms at the LEGOLAND hotel are something out of a kids wildest dream and the fun is only added too by being able to sleep in cool bunk beds. Our kids were fascinated by all the LEGO creatures and designs in our room.

We had an adventure room and it was so much fun! My daughter noticed a treasure hunt as soon as she came into the room and she was so excited to complete it. Once they had all the clues figured out they were able to open a secret treasure box in the room that was filled with LEGO’s for them to take home.

My son kept begging to be able to stay longer at the hotel since it added to much fun to ever day. He also loved the breakfast buffet, that was probably one of the biggest breakfast buffets either of our kids had ever seen.


Every LEGOLAND theme park has a MINILAND, but I have never found one quite as impressive as the MINILAND in Malaysia. We have been to LEGOLAND resorts in California and Florida and those MINILAND’s paled in comparison to the Malaysia Park. Our kids were instantly wowed by not only the displays, but the interactive features that many of them had.

As soon as the kids saw all the moving pieces they were so excited. As we walked around I would hear: “Mom come look at the moving cars!” “Look, look, they’re driving all by themselves!” We had to remind the kids that there was more to see and do at the park than just MINILAND. I think they could have spent hours looking at all the amazing displays. Be sure to check out the incredibly impressive KLIA Airport display as it has trains that move and pull into the airport. This display alone took 4 years to complete!

(We went during "Brick or Treat" and there was fun Halloween stuff going on everyday!)

#3 - The Water Park

This was quite possibly the most fun our kids have had at a water park. Water Park + Legos = So Much FUN! Our kids loved trying to build a boat as we floated down the lazy river. There are many kid areas for different age groups so even really little kids can have a splash. Be prepared to at least spend a whole afternoon splashing around. My daughter just wanted to sit in the wave pool and watch movies that played on the screen above. This is definitely a must see water park!

These three reasons to visit LEGOLAND Malaysia are really just the tip of the iceberg and there is so much family fun to be had! From the hotel to the waterpark and the theme park it’s non-stop fun, all wrapped up in one destination! To start planning your LEGOLAND Malaysia vacation head over here!

Check out more of our LEGOLAND Malaysia photos below:



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