CINEMOOD - The Latest Must-Have Tech Toy for the Whole Family!

Whether you travel around the globe (like our family) or head out short trips or “staycations” it can be hard to know what to pack. We have been circling the globe for almost two years now and it can still feel like we just aren’t quite packed right or that we are missing something. Over time I have become a much better packer though and as a mom I am apparently pre-programmed to make sure I have every possible necessity for any possible situation (you just never know when you might need to MacGyver something out of two pencils, a baby wipe and your kids chewed up gum they handed back to you).

So if you are a mom you probably have most of the packing down, but what about something to keep the whole family entertained? I’m not talking about everyone being glued to their own separate devices, but instead something the whole family can enjoy. We live in a world that is only increasing in cool tech every day. The same can be said for the tech to make travel even easier or more fun for you and your family. I recently came across one of these cool tech creations and it is quite possibly the ultimate new toy for families and travelers, I want to introduce you to… CINEMOOD.

From the first look it appears to just be a cute mini projector, but once you start to use it, the magic really unfolds.

With this mini cinema, you can unleash hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Aside from the cool factor, what really appeals to me is the CINEMOODS size, it easily fits into a suitcase or backpack and it’s ready to join us on our journey! This handy device is super portable and very user and kid friendly.

No more squishing together to watch on one device (unless you want to get cozy) or attempting to find the “comfy spot” in front of the TV, with the CINEMOOD you can watch anywhere and anytime you want. Parents will love the CINEMOOD because unlike tablets and phones the CINEMOOD plays to the imagination and helps kids to be more creative. The CINEMOOD is much more than just a video player, you can do shadow puppets, audio tales, digital books, bedtime stories and kids can even create a magical new world around them with videos of stars, trees or anything in their imaginations.

The first thing my kids want to do when we arrive at a hotel is to take all the comfy pillows and blankets and turn them into a pillow fort. So when I showed them the CINEMOOD my daughter immediately exclaimed: “this will be perfect for our forts!” their pillow forts and imagination play has been taken to the next level thanks to the CINEMOOD. This little device has so much potential and the applications are really endless.

I love that the CINEMOOD's directions are on simple cards that any adult or kid can navigate! My daughter had ours instantly set up! Even the directions are done in a fun and innovative way!

One application that I am super excited about is camping! Our family loves to be in the outdoors, but once the daytime adventures come to an end and the evening rolls around it can be hard to find something fun for the whole family to do. Imagine turning your tent into the best cinema around! The CINEMOOD will make a family camping trip even more special.

This amazing little device will make long car rides even better as well. It can be hard for kids to be entertained on long car rides, and while I want my kids to look out the windows and enjoy the journey, even I will admit that sometimes the journey can feel like a lot of the same scenery out the window. Now they can use the CINEMOOD to make some of those miles fly by.

The CINEMOOD isn’t just for those that travel though; it would be a fantastic tool for any home. Take your kids birthday party to the next level by hosting an outdoor movie night. CINEMOOD also comes with YouTube set up to start watching videos immediately. My kids love to watch space videos from YouTube. Additionally the CINEMOOD comes with the ability to hook up your own flash drive with your own content. Since our family travels so often we make it a point to purchase digital copies of all our favorite movies including recently getting Moana. Our kids loved watching this adorable movie on the CINEMOOD! 

I have to admit I initially received the CINEMOOD under the guise that it would be for the family or the kids, but now my husband and I steal it away for our own little movie nights. We can watch any movie from the comfort of our bed which is fantastic!

The CINEMOOD comes with a focus button that lets you enjoy a small screen or a humongous one! The clarity and colors are vibrant and amazing no matter what size you prefer.

My daughter really loves putting on shadow puppet shows for the whole family. We love the creativity that the CINEMOOD inspires in our kids.

CINEMOOD now travels with us around the world and provides our family with so much more than just entertainment. As a family on movie nights we’re closer, playtime is more fun, learning and reading happens with ease, and imaginations are sparked with curiosity.

If you are thinking about investing in one tech item this year for the whole family, CINEMOOD is definitely the way to go. Bring your family together and head over here to grab your own CINEMOOD! 

A big thank you to CINEMOOD for providing our family with a CINEMOOD in order to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.

Check out my video below to get a more detailed look at the CINEMOOD:


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