How to Make Air Travel With Your Kids A Breeze! Top Tips From A Nomadic Mom!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Nintendo and Mom It Forward Blogger Network, as always though all opinion are mine.

“Travel with kids”, sometimes the very words can make a parent panic. It can be hard enough to fly with one or two people, but throw a kid into the mix, and things get complicated. Well… that’s my life. We travel constantly with our two kids in tow. While I feel they are well-behaved kids and I love traveling with them, they inevitably complicate some parts of travel. I am always making sure they are fed, happy, and comfortable. This isn’t always easy, and I am always on the lookout for tools that can help me do the job.

Thankfully, we are in a day in age where there are so many tools to make even the simplest of tasks easier. So, I knew there had to be tools to make travel with kids even better. One aspect of travel that can be a complete nightmare is air travel. I would love if I could fly first class with the kiddos, but with how much we travel, first class for four people is definitely not in my budget. So as we always fly coach it has been my mission to keep my kiddos as comfortable and entertained as possible. While some flights provide entertainment it's always inevitable that kids will get bored. This is where The Nintendo 2DS XL comes in! With games you can swap out and no need for internet to operate it is our go-to boredom buster! The Nintendo 2DS XL is durable, lightweight and super convenient to pack and if you have more than one child they can play together! 

(He looks so comfy!)

Over the past few years we have become very seasoned in how to travel comfortably with kids and here are five more tips to make air travel with your kids a breeze:

#1 - The Nintendo 2DS XL - don't try to be a hero, an airplane flight is not the place to implement "no screen time". Make your life easier and keep the kiddos entertained with movies and games and of course the awesome Nintendo 2DS XL. Our kids love playing games on it together and it gives me a chance to catch a little nap! Head over here to check it out! 

#2 - Be prepared for upset tummies: Motion sickness can get to everyone, but the last thing you want is a sick kiddo on a plane. If you have a child with a tendency of getting motion sickness I would highly recommend taking precautions like a kid safe motion sickness pill. We never travel without them and you can find them in most airport shops if you happen to forget packing them. If there seems to be an abundance of turbulence this is a great time to quickly have the kiddos take one. If things get really ugly be sure to have a barf bag handy! My first flight with our son I wasn't prepared and as we got off the plane he unfortunately lost it. I stood in the isle in complete shock, and then rushed him off the plane to get him cleaned up. To this day I still feel bad for everyone on that plane. I vowed from that moment on I was always going to be prepared!

#3 - Prepare for air pressure: As adults we are used to what pressure can do to our ears, but for kids it can be really hard for them to deal with. Make sure to have plenty of water and chewing gum (If old enough to handle it). I've noticed that even if the gum doesn't pop their ears it will distract them from the discomfort. The last thing you want is hours of "My ears hurt" or "Mom, I can't hear!". You will want to have plenty of water for hydration too!

#4 - PJ's: for overnight flights, comfort is going to go a long way. You might get weird looks if you wear PJ's in the airport, but thankfully it's completely acceptable for kids. Changing at the airport or on the plane can be complicated so I would just recommend having them change before heading to the airport.

#5 - Sit kids away from the isle seat - I learned this one the hard way when my daughter was sitting on the isle and someone ran into her foot as they passed by, hurting her and tripping them up at the same time. With passengers and big heavy carts barreling through the isles it's just safer to keep kids away and seat them in middle and window seats.

#5 - Pack a kid baggie - Pack a small bag with some essentials for just the plane ride. Make sure this baggie is somewhere handy that you can grab quickly. Our kids each have a backpack and in the front pocket is everything they will need for the flight. Here is what should be in that bag:

Sanitizing wipes - Who wants to be sick while on vacation?! Wipe down everything! I clean seat belts, tray tables, arm rests and anything else I think my kids might touch.

Kid size headphones - you don't want to disturb your fellow passengers by making them listen to SpongeBob for hours (no one wants that).

Comfort Items - This could be a stuffed animal, blanket, toy or whatever comforts your child. Having a comfort item will make your kiddo more calm and that's a bonus for everyone! I highly suggest only packing one item though or it can become way too complicated (no need to pack the whole toy box).


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