Game Day Tote: The Only Accessory You Need for Games, Concerts and More!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

With traveling full time it can sometimes feel like I am constantly going through some sort of security line. While I appreciate the safety that those lines provide for airplanes, boats, and different venues it can get tedious to always be emptying my purse or bag for screening. So when I came across the Game Day Tote I was really excited to see an ingenious solution to make security lines a breeze.

The Game Day Tote was designed to make your bag stadium approved. This means you can pile everything you need into the Game Day Tote and it will easily be able to be seen by security and get you through that line quicker.

These super stylish bags are mostly clear and the contents are easily viewed. While I don’t go to many sporting events I love my Game Day Tote for concerts and I even used it at the airport to put all my liquids in. This saved me so much time; as other passengers were unloading their liquid item into clear baggies that TSA provided, I was already on my way through the line after removing my Game Day Tote with my liquids from my backpack. After I was on the other side of TSA I was able to just stick it right back into my bag. It really made going through security much easier.

I also love that this little tote is super stylish and can really be used anywhere. Just slip it over your wrist and you’re on your way. I found it much easier to use when I go out to dinner than dragging around a huge purse and it had plenty of room for everything I need. You can easily fit keys, a phone, makeup, sunglasses and more!

With being able to wear the Game Day Tote around my wrist I also felt safe from any sort of pickpocketing which can unfortunately happen when at concerts or sporting events while distracted, but with all my belongings wrapped around my wrist I know they are safe.

The style of the Game Day Tote I have (The Milano) comes in 7 great designs and colors. Mine is the metallic pewter and I love that it will match anything I choose to wear and It also has a bit of a fancy look to it and can be worn out for the evening as well and even with a dress. There are also several other tote options if you are looking for a different style. I love products that work around a problem and create an ingenious solution and the Game Day Tote does just that and it pulls it all off with a flare of fashion as well. Head over here to grab your own!

A big thank you to Game Day Tote for sponsoring this review, all opinions are my own.


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