BusyKid - chores and allowance simplified with one AMAZING app!

This summer I started to get really tired of our old chore charts. We write everything down on a paper or clip board, but it never quite gets tracked like it should and I always have a kid telling me later about how they completed a chore when I don’t think they did. It was definitely time to shake things up at our house and I just knew there had to be a better way. I searched around for a better chore chart system and found BusyKid. My kids one complaint was that neither their dad or myself had cash on hand to pay for the chores they had finished. I would joke with my daughter “Do you take a credit card?” she didn’t appreciate that very much. I needed a way for their chore money to just come out of my checking account automatically without any hassle.

My kids are pretty good about helping with cleaning and other chores around the house, but I felt they needed some incentive for other tasks like brushing teeth and flossing on a regular basis. No matter how I push I still hear all the time “oops” when I ask if they brushed and flossed the night before. I would rather fill their piggy bank a little than the dentists a lot so I’ve added this as a chore to be done on their BusyKid app. Now without fail they are caring for their teeth and creating healthy habits for the future.

As a parent one of my favorite aspects of the BusyKid app is the sharing feature. We have always tried to teach our kids about helping and giving to those in need and BusyKid makes giving so easy! Kids can choose how much of their weekly allowance will go to a charity of their choice, spending, or investing. Investing was such a cool and new concept for my daughter and she was so excited at the prospect. Want $10 of Apple, $15 of Google or $20 of Tesla? Your kid can decide how much of what stocks they want to invest in.

Kids can also use the BusyKid Spend Card to spend their hard earned dollars. This Visa debit card can be used for any purchase and is prepaid with your child’s allowance funds. This independence is a huge incentive for kids to get all their chores done and done well! As a parent you still have the final say on approving their chores and if they are really finished. No “pulling a fast one” on mom.

(She's so excited now to do her chores and add more $ to her account!)

Personal finance is something we don’t teach enough in schools and it shows by the amount of debt most adults are carrying around. I honestly feel BusyKid is helping my kids not only become more independent, but also helping them to understand what it means to truly manage their finances. My hope is that by starting this now they can be happier and more financially independent as adults. Head over here to sign up for a free 30 day trial of BusyKid.

A big thank you to BusyKid for sponsoring this review, all opinions are my own.


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