Little Hippo Books - Bringing Books to Life with Augmented Reality!

I am just amazed by technology sometimes. I can’t believe some of the things we have nowadays. I am always so excited to see the new things my kids get to experience that weren’t even a thought when I was growing up. They have so many new and incredible tools to help them learn and grow. One of these tools recently just blew me away! I love reading with my kids and I love to see their excitement as they really get interested in a story, but this is taken to a whole new level with Little Hippo® Books. Not only does Little Hippo Books have some amazingly cute titles, but they have a little extra surprise in store for your kiddos. These books are brought to life with Augmented Reality! That’s right with the Hippo Magic app. you can make the Little Hippo Book come to life.

You can’t even imagine the excitement your children will have for reading when their favorite book comes alive right in front of their eyes. Kids can play with characters from the books and watch the story become more than just words on a page. The Come-to-Life magic isn’t on every page, so the format requires kids to continue reading through the story.

I have to say that as a parent, I had a hard time containing my excitement. These are stories I grew up with, and I wanted to play too! I had to restrain myself and let my kids play around with the app and books first. That’s how fun these are! 

The possibilities for the books are really endless and I know these will definitely help stubborn or new readers. They have educational titles for learning the alphabet and counting, and will soon be releasing a set of Christmas-themed titles for the holiday season. Before you know it, they will be reading all of the Little Hippo Books, and you will have the whole collection. They’re very affordable and such a fantastic learning resource that should be in every home. It’s not hard to see why Little Hippo Books won the 2018 Parents’ Choice Fun Stuff Award.

The books and free Hippo Magic app are super easy for kids to operate; just turn on the app, point the device at the pages with the hippo magic icon on them, and watch the magic happen! My kids love sitting down with their books every day and I love seeing them learn and grow with Little Hippo Books! Want to check out Little Hippo Books for yourself? (Trust me you do!) Head over here to see all the amazing books and don’t forget to download the app. here!

A big thank you to Little Hippo® Books for sponsoring this review, all opinions are my own.



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