Only we can put our kids first - #VoteForQ1

Friday, October 19, 2018

This post was sponsored by Our Schools Now in partnership with Forward Influence. I have been compensated for this campaign, all opinions are my own.

 What would you do with an extra $4 a month? Probably not a lot right? You can’t even buy a meal at a fast food restaurant for that, but when you take that $4 and pool it together with more people it starts to become a pretty substantial number. Did you know that $4 a month is all that’s needed to make a big impact with Utah schools?

As a mom who feels a good education is a top priority for my kids I want to do anything I can to make our schools better. I think I would be hard pressed to find any arguments with that. We can all agree that our schools here in Utah are definitely lacking in proper funding and they could use a big boost.

On the forefront for not only Utah but the country as a whole is the issue of teachers needing more. We know how underpaid they are, and it’s pretty obvious that this can have a bad impact on our children’s education. I remember a few years ago sitting down with a friend that is an elementary school teacher and she explained to me how much she pays out of pocket for supplies, and I was shocked. For a minute just think about how ridiculous that notion is. No other job expects you to buy supplies and bring them to work in order to complete your job. Another shocking stat … currently Utah’s teachers are the 5th lowest paid in the nation.

(Last week I sat down with some other moms to discuss what Question #1 would mean for our kids)

You might mean well with that “World’s greatest teacher” mug that you gave as a gift, but there’s a greater gift we can give our Utah teachers and our schools in general.

This Nov 6th during the general election vote YES on question 1. Voting “yes” will cost the average Utah driver approximately $4 per month per Utah driver. All funding will go directly to Utah classrooms; the funds may not be used for building costs, district or administrative overhead.

The initiative suggests increasing the gas tax by $0.10 per gallon to provide additional funding to Utah’s schools to improve the quality of Utah’s education.  This is such a small sacrifice to better our schools and give our children the bright future they deserve. Only we can put our kids first. I’ll see you at the polls on November 6th!



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