THINX: A Must Have For When Life Gets Busy!

December 2018
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As a working mom who travels often I am always trying to better streamline my day and make my life more efficient. I’ve learned to do this out of necessity, but it has created so many more hours in my day that I can then spend with my family so it is definitely well worth it. Sometimes it’s the little things in life though that we don’t realize are sucking away precious hours. During my last cycle as I sat on my bed cursing what we as women have to deal with every month; it hit me just how many hours are wasted on something that should be way easier. Then I came across THINX and I was floored. I couldn’t believe there was something that not only took out all the wasted hours of buying feminine hygiene products, but a product that really revolutionizes your period. 

This isn’t just a new or creative feminine hygiene product; in fact, I wouldn’t classify THINX as a feminine hygiene product at all. To me they are more like underwear with a superpower. And if I could use anything during my busy day it’s definitely a superpower. THINX is period proof underwear that is as easy as slipping it on and tossing them in the washer when needed. I for one am more than ready to say goodbye to tampons and pads. And as a bonus, it makes me happy to think about using less plastic and creating less waste.

With traveling so often my suitcase space is valuable to me and I love that I now have a small corner of my suitcase back. No more bulky products when I travel, just pack my THINX underwear and I’m good. Last year I actually forgot to pack anything with me on my trip to Costa Rica, can you imagine the hassle of tracking down something in another country? Needless to say, they didn’t have my normal brand and I was just happy to see anything I could use. If I had THINX back then I would have been fine; unless I forgot to pack underwear.

(That's right, I trust my THINX so much that I will even wear white while on my period!)

I chose the Sport style and I absolutely love the way they fit and feel. I don’t know how THINX made these breathable and absorbent, but they did! I love the cut of the Sport as they fit my body really well, but allow me to freely move when I work out. I was also really impressed with the quality of my Sport THINX, these are not cheaply made and it’s easy to see the quality. The Sport is great for medium days and holds up to 1 ½ tampons worth which is just right for me.

While I got a pair of THINX to help with my period I was really surprised by what else this super underwear can do. I often find myself sweaty and uncomfortable after a long flight, so I decided to put my THINX to the test and see how well they could keep me dry and comfortable. After a 12 hour flight, I was amazed. I felt fresh and ready to tackle the rest of my day. Normally I head straight to the hotel to shower and change, but I was able to head straight to a meeting. I never would have done that before THINX. My THINX saved me so much time and hassle just in that one day alone.

Now anytime I think I might be a little sweatier I slip on my sport THINX to keep me dry. They are a lifesaver at my spinning class and I’m not sure how I ever survived without them. While they can’t stop me from sweating, they can help minimize the sweat marks on my pants and that helps me to feel more comfortable and confident to get my workout done. And when my flow does come calling, I feel secure in knowing I won’t be embarrassed to work out. No leaking and no bulky pad showing through my workout clothes.

(All I need to tackle my busy days are my THINX and a good cup of coffee!)

One of my favorite things about THINX (while completely superficial) is that they are stylish and beautiful just like us women. I always felt like tampons and pads where created by a man, but THINX were definitely created by women for women. You would expect that THINX would have to be bulky and utilitarian and it turns out that they are quite the opposite. They come in many different designs, cuts, and flow coverage to make them a great option for any woman. After using THINX I can’t believe I wasn’t using them sooner. I am now able to save time and money when it comes to my period and tackle everyday tasks with ease. Want to see how THINX can revolutionize your period? Head over here to check them out. Let me know which pair you grab!

A big thank you to THINX for sponsoring this review, all opinions are my own.


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