Lolleez - Adding a Bit of Sweetness To Life!

Sore throats seem to be an epidemic around our house lately. I feel as soon as one kid is feeling better another one just gets sick. Unfortunately, this always happens every winter for us and probably for your house too. There’s nothing more difficult than looking at those cute little faces and knowing that they are so unhappy.

All I hear all day is “Mama is there something to make my throat better?”. It breaks my heart to see them in pain and luckily I found the perfect solution! While I can’t instantly make them feel better I can give them Lolleez which is the next best thing. Lolleez really is the “whole package” when it comes to helping little ones when they are sick. Here are just a few reasons I will always turn to Lolleez for my kiddos


That’s right Lolleez are completely natural! And even better than that they are organic too! And the icing on the cake is that Lolleez are Non-GMO, gluten, dairy and nut free. That’s right these babies are incredibly natural! Lolleez are something you can give to your little ones with complete confidence.

Amazing kid friendly flavors:

My kids will eat almost every veggie I put in front of them and yet when it comes to medicine the first thing I hear is “What flavor is it?”. With Lolleez I know they will love the flavors. Who wouldn’t love flavors like watermelon, orange mango, or strawberry? I would know, yep I’ve tried them. I’ve had a sore throat all week and they just looked too good. I immediately got a guilt trip though from my daughter “Mom those are for me when I’m sick!” and she was quick to point out that they say “for kids” right on the package. 

Kid friendly design:

Can you call it a design? I’m going to say yes and these little pops are designed perfectly for little kids to easily use. They are flat and easy to enjoy. As a parent you can rest easy that with their flat, thin and round design they won’t be a choking hazard. I think this is something every parent worries about with standard cough drops right? It’s essentially giving your child a hard candy that they can easily choke on. As a child I remember choking on a cough drop and it made me never want one again. I don’t want my kids to go through that. With the thin design and a “built-in” stick Lolleez are perfect for little ones that don’t understand choking hazards.

I also love that Lolleez aren’t just for sore throats; Momeez Choice also makes Tumeez lollipops. These amazing little pops help to settle upset tummies. 

For an upset stomach I personally take charcoal as a natural solution, but as soon as I even made the suggestion for my daughter she immediately was apprehensive about this “black powder” and refused to even try it. Medicine can be scary for little kids and their food pickiness easily carries over to how certain medicines will taste and how they look. This is why I am so relieved that I have Tumeez lollipops. Never will I hear a complaint about Tumeez and I know it’s a natural remedy I can use anytime.

With Momeez Choice, Lolleez & Tumeez pops you will always know that when sick days roll around as they inevitably do you have just what your little one needs to get through it. I now take comfort that Lolleez & Tumeez has our family covered and now when we have sick days we also have little smiles happy for their Lolleez & Tumeez.

This post was sponsored; as always we only promote products we love and all opinions are our own.


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