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August 2019

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Growing up I watched my father do everything he could for his family. Long hours, extra shifts whatever was needed to keep us happy, healthy and give us the things we needed. As a parent now I can look back and see the sacrifices and what it took for him and my mom to make sure everything and by “everything” I mean life, went according to plan. Now we can’t always plan for everything, but that’s where we can rely on tools to help us smooth out the bumps.

One of these tools is life insurance. Planning for the future can sometimes involve planning for things we don’t want to think about, but life insurance is necessary to help our loved ones once we are no longer there to take care of everything. 

I had a big to-do list for 2019. Most items on my list were your typical stuff like get in shape, wake up earlier, be more productive, but some items on my list are for my security and peace of mind. One of these items was to sign up for life insurance. It’s always something that’s been on my mind; especially as a stay at home mom.  I want my family to feel secure and protected and life insurance is one more step in making that possible.

I know in talking to friends and family life that life insurance is something we all know is necessary and very important, but it’s also something we don’t like to think about and often neglect.

Did you know the policy you have through your employer might not be enough? Employer policies generally only cover one or two times your annual salary and won’t cover everything your family needs.

Life insurance prices tend to rise as you age, so there is no better time than now to look into what Nationwide Life Insurance can do for you and lock in a rate for the future.
For all the ladies out there don’t let this be a “guy thing”; life insurance is important for you too and you should get involved. You deserve coverage that is a good fit for you!

My family is the most important part of my life and now I can feel confident and have peace of mind that they are taken care of. I can freely embark on this crazy adventure we call life knowing that if the worst happens they will be okay. Be sure to take the next step for your family and check out how Nationwide Life Insurance can help you provide the security your family needs.


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