Merino Hospitality: Making Your London Stay Amazing!

When planning a family trip to London the first thing you might do is book a hotel, but this would be a huge mistake. With so many accommodation options in London it can be overwhelming, but there is one company that has your back and can make your London stay amazing, welcome home to your Merino Apartment.

When you really sit down and think about it, hotels just weren’t modeled around accommodating a family for longer than a couple of days. Unless you’re springing for the penthouse suite, most likely your room will be small and start to feel even smaller as the vacation goes on. What you really need is something that feels more like home, but away from home. You need a place that you can still cook meals if you desire and wash clothes if needed.

It would be great if these things would be put on pause while on vacation, but alas no. Kids still need clothes washed, (probably even more while on vacation), the whole family needs to eat (you know it’s cheaper to make meals than eat out), and everyone loves more space (even if the purpose of your trip is “quality family time”).

We made cookies, pizza and so many yummy meals in our kitchen. You can't make cookies in a hotel room!

For these reasons and so much more is why you will love staying with Merino in London. We stayed at the beautiful Merino apartments. Now they have some beautiful properties, but I absolutely loved our Old Coach House apartment. The apartments are well appointed, clean, sleek and everything in them feels new.

There are plenty of sites that can easily be reached from the apartment as well. Merino has deliberately placed their properties in safe neighborhoods within walking distance or short train distance to major attractions.

I personally love living like a local. Walking around your neighborhood feeling like you are a part of it, it’s so much fun! I love buying fresh produce from the local markets and then taking it back to my apartment to make a home cooked meal. I don’t have to debate with my husband and kids for 30 minutes on which restaurant to eat at, instead we can enjoy a wonderful meal while enjoying our new digs.

The row of apartments we stayed at are referred to as mews.  Mews is a primarily British term formerly describing a row of stables, usually with carriage houses below and living quarters above, built around paved courts or along streets, behind large city houses, such as those of London during the 17th and 18th centuries.  These properties are greatly sought after for their privacy and tranquil settings off main roads.   All have been refurbished to the highest standards and are beautiful!

So if you are headed to London skip looking into hotels and instead stay with Merino, by far the best option for family travel in London! Head over here to check out all the Merino properties in London.

A big thank you to Merino Hospitality for hosting our family in order to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.


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