Twigby: The one-stop Cell Phone Solution for your tween or teen!

I knew the day would come that my kids would need their own cell phone. To be honest it wasn’t something I was thrilled by. My kids having their own phone is just another step in them growing up and getting older. To me, it was a milestone that I wasn’t looking forward to and kept pushing off, but I also see the benefits of tweens having a phone.

I let our kids be as independent as possible, but that means I also worry about them quite often. My tween daughter having a phone means I can send her out to the park or for a walk and I don’t have to worry about her as much knowing that she can contact me if she needs to. She also has access to a map and can prove more of her independence by finding her way around without asking for “mom directions” as she says. 

After realizing how beneficial a phone would be for her, the next step was just getting one and making sure we had the right phone and cell plan. If you read one of my previous posts, you will know that Twigby phone service is a fantastic option for an affordable and dependable cell plan. As I looked over what Twigby had to offer for tweens and teens I was impressed with the phone options. 

Twigby offers basic phones. Yep no data plans just talk and text. One they currently have as I write this article is the Sonim XP Strike phone for parents that aren’t ready for their child to have free reign over their phone. The Sonim XP Strike offers built-in parental controls. Parents can either choose “Allowed” or “All contacts”. “Allowed” will let the parent select numbers from the phone’s contact list that are able to call the phone. “All contacts” will let all of the numbers in the phone’s contact list to call the phone. Additionally, the phone will be able to make a call to 911 although it is not programmed into the contact list. Buying a cell phone for a child can be overwhelming, but Twigby makes it easier with options like the Sonim XP Strike and plans to fit all budgets. They also have many other phone options as well as affordable iPhones to choose from. You can also use a phone you already have that is compatible. See all phones here. 


Here are just a few things you can depend on from Twigby:

Very Affordable Plans -

Starting at only $9 a month, it comes with 300 minutes and UNLIMITED texting. Twigby can fit any family’s budget.

Plan Flexibility -

There are no contracts to sign at Twigby. You can change your plan at any time for free.

Customized Monitoring Tools -

You have complete control over how your child uses their phone.

Parental Control Apps

From restricting certain websites to GPS tracking, they show you the best FREE solutions.

Low Priced Phones -

Twigby offers quality phones, from smart to simple, at prices that won’t break the bank.

Coverage You Can Trust -

Twigby uses not one, but two of the nation’s largest wireless networks. They also have recently added talk and text over Wi-Fi for those hard to reach places. 

As you can read in my previous post here, I recommend Twigby for the whole family. They also just released new smartphone value plans we can do unlimited minutes and 10 GB of data for only $26.25 a month. This is a huge savings for us as our current plan runs us about $50 a month for the same plan! That’s over $275 a year that we can put towards more important things! The best part is that you can set everything up from the comfort of your own home!

 All Twigby Plans Include:

•    Wi-Fi Calling and Texting with a capable phone

•    International Calling and Texting at no additional charge

•    Never a charge to use hotspot/tethering

•    Choice of English or Spanish Voicemail

•    Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3 Way Calling

•    Very generous referral program to help customers earn free service

I may not be ready for my kids to grow up, but that doesn’t stop it from happening! So, I know I must give them the tools that will help them to be independent in a safe way and Twigby makes that possible. Do you have a teen or tween that’s ready for a phone? Head over here to see what Twigby can do for your family! Be sure to let us know what you think of Twigby! 


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