Women's Health Spotlight

November 2020

This month we are focusing on women’s health and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite products that I use to help with my overall wellbeing. One of my favorite products is Zahler CandAid. These amazing pills help support yeast balance with time-released capsules.

Zahler CandAid helps to battle Candida, a yeast organism that can have negative effects when not under control. When the environment is right, Candida will multiply and cause fungal infections that can be uncomfortable and Candidiasis can cause extreme itching and pain in the mouth and other parts of your body.

I unfortunately know this all too well from personal experience and I have been searching for something that could help. When I came across Zahler CandAid I was skeptical, but I had heard it was a great product to try. We all know that to fight bad bacteria we need healthy bacteria and that is where Zahler CandAid shines! Since Zahler CandAid is formulated to release probiotics perfectly timed to reach your GI tract you can count on it to offer relief quickly. When I used probiotics on their own I found that I had to take a large quantity over an extended period of time and I still didn’t see the desired results I was hoping for.

Taking  CandAid can help you combat candidiasis while helping you build up your defenses to prevent any recurrence. I love that CandAid is so much more than just a probiotic. CandAid also contains essential oils.

Other CandAid ingredients:
•    Black Seed Oil – Anti-inflammatory and a healthy fatty acid.
•    Thyme – Holds antifungal and antimicrobial properties
•    Oregano - potent antibacterial properties
•    Garlic Oil – Immunity booster

These are all very natural and safe ingredients that will help your overall gut health. Zahler CandAid uses only the best and natural ingredients. It’s now the only product I trust for my intestinal health and a healthy balance for my body. Want to check out Zahler CandAid for yourself? Head over here to see what Zahler CandAid can do for you! And be sure to check out other Zahler products like the Chapter One gummy vitamins! You can also find these on Amazon and right now there is a $3 off coupon!

This post was sponsored; as always we only promote products we love and all opinions are our own.


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