ModibodiRED - A Must Have for Tweens and Teens!

This year my daughter turned 12. I was so excited for her, but I also knew she was getting close to having her first period and sure enough it was also another milestone we celebrated this year. I have been talking to her and trying to prepare her the best that I can, but it can be difficult with a kid that hates talking about the human body. I constantly hear “Mom that’s so gross!”. I realized to help her through this time I would need to use tools at our disposal. 

So when I came across Modibodi I knew this was going to be a huge help. She was struggling with the idea of having to change a pad all the time and she dreaded waking up to find blood on her sheets. Modibodi was the perfect solution! 

ModibodiRED is period underwear and swimwear for tweens and teens and it is amazing!! Modibodi also has products for women so be sure to check those out as well. 

Overnight these gave her the confidence she needed to get through the day with these new changes. She loves to play soccer and before ModibodiRED she stopped playing during her period. She went from embarrassed and stressed to happy and carefree. After trying on the ModibodiRED hipster boyshort she came out of her room and said “Thank you, Mom! These are so comfy and a million times better!” She also loves that she doesn’t have to pack her purse or backpack with pads every time she leaves the house and they match her favorite stuffed animal Stella! 

It’s hard being a tween and I am happy knowing that her ModibodiRED underwear makes her life just a little easier. 

A few things about ModibodiRED

  1. ModibodiRED goes from ages 8-16 and they have Maxi 24 hour protection and moderate - heavy absorbency and light-moderate for the swimwear. 
  2. RED is for better, less messy periods. Undies and swimwear that’s got your back, so RED girls can be adventurous, playful and fun.
  3. RED tames your PMS monsters. Pop on a pair and get back to living your best life.
  4. RED looks like your usual undies, but you’ll know that they’re way more than that.

As moms we just want our daughters to be confident and happy and ModibodiRED is helping that cause! Head over here to check out all the ModibodiRED and Modibodi products! Let us know what you think! 

This post was sponsored; as always we only promote products we love and all opinions are our own.


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