ModibodiRED - A Must Have for Tweens and Teens!

This year my daughter turned 12. I was so excited for her, but I also knew she was getting close to having her first period and sure enough it was also another milestone we celebrated this year. I have been talking to her and trying to prepare her the best that I can, but it can be difficult with a kid that hates talking about the human body. I constantly hear “Mom that’s so gross!”. I realized to help her through this time I would need to use tools at our disposal. 

6 Reasons Iceland should be Your Next Family Adventure Destination!

We love going on family adventures, we call them this instead of vacations because they are usually packed with adventure and new discoveries. Iceland is one of these destinations that is packed with new adventures and opportunities for family travelers. While other families might be taking their kids to theme parks that provide temporary fun, but let’s be honest a ton of stress in the long run. We choose to take our kids to adventurous countries to get back in tune with nature and the outdoors. So when planning your next family “vacation” choose an adventure instead!

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Lysol Germ-Cast: My Go-To App For 2020!

December 2020
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For the past few months, I have been racking my brain to come up with ways to put a positive spin on this crazy, unprecedented time. Certainly, 2020 has thrown me and pretty much everyone for a loop, but I am determined to come out on the other side even better. While this pandemic is unpleasant, I am choosing to look at it as a learning experience. With that in mind, I have sought out tools and information that will best help my family get through this -- and my hope is that my research can help you too!

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Motherhood: Personal Care Doesn't Have to Be Optional

December 2020

During the earliest days after my first child was born, I remember always being in a haze. No sleep, constant stress and always making sure her needs were met and taken care of and putting mine on the backburner for possibly another decade.

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The One New Years Resolution We all Need!

As we near the end of 2020 I wanted to share once again one of our more important posts we have had! This year we shared about Ladder Life Insurance and why now is the time to get started on planning your life insurance needs! I can't think of a better time to revisit this as we near the start of 2021! 

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