May 2013


I wanted to take a moment and thank all of the amazing service men & women that have made sacrifices for us.

I hope we all can take a minute today to appreciate those who have lost their lives to make ours better.


Overwhelmed With Moving? Let Unpakt Do The Work For You!


Most of us know the pain of moving, from the endless figuring out who is the cheapest to praying you got the right size moving truck so you don't have to make a million trips!

That's why when I stumbled upon I was in awe! Someone finally figured it out!

Someone realized the need for the hassle of finding a moving truck to be fixed.

Unpakt is the first web app/digital marketplace/price comparison site for moving services.

It really is as easy as these four steps above.

:: You can tell them the exact size of your home

:: Tell them what you plan to move (if you feel a little overwhelmed about this they can estimate it for you!)

:: Isn't this awesome? You can pick out what you have in your home and set the number of items as well.

:: Once you have picked you items (this is the part I love) they tell you how many boxes you will need and how many furniture items you have.

:: After you put in your address info in you will be able to compare rates of all your local moving companies

(keep in mind these prices are for a very long distance that I put in)

And your done! I was able to finish in less than 15 minutes.

No phone calls, no scouring the internet, 15 minutes and you're done!

Unpakt was recently featured in The NY Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Real Simple and many more. You can check out their press coverage here.

After giving a thorough once over on I know that I will definitely be using them next time I move. I wish I had always had a great service like this!

Here are the awesome reason you should use Unpakt too:

-    Until now, finding a mover took patience, effort and a lot of phone calls. It doesn’t need to be this hard!
-    Exact prices – there are no last minute price increases, no ballpark estimates… no surprises! You know exactly what you’re paying for.
-    Peace of mind – Rest easy knowing that Unpakt rigorously pre-screens all movers so you don’t have to.
-    Instant gratification – You can find exact prices for great movers instantly. Never wait for a company to call you back again.
-    Save money – Comparison shopping, by nature, allows you to compare and choose a price you are comfortable with.
-    Save time – You only have to shop for a mover once – enter your info and compare companies immediately. No need to waste hours on the phone any longer.

Receive 5% instant cash back on your next move! Enter promo code: SPRING5 on when booking and save. Must book by 6/30/13.

Want to check it out? Just head on over here!


Guess What I am Doing?

May 2013


Time to reveal my surprise!!! Can you guess what it is? That's right my family is going on a road trip from Utah to Florida!!!

I want to show you all the wonderful things you can do for your summer vacation so I will be posting everyday about what we are doing and seeing along the way.

Once we are in Florida we will be there for a week and I will show you all the amazing adventures you can have outside of Disney World.

I want to show you how to have an amazing vacation on a budget! You will see that you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot out of your vacation. 

We will start our travels on May 15th make sure you check back everyday for updates, travel tips, pictures and more!



May 2013


In case you haven't noticed I have been MIA lately, but I will be sharing with you why tomorrow. I have a big surprise! Plus we have some great FREEBIES tomorrow so be sure to check back!


Sunday Coupon Preview! Week Of 05/05/13 Check it out!

May 2013



Here is your Sunday Coupon Preview for the week of 05/05/13.

Keep in mind that many areas get different coupons. This should be used as just a guideline.

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