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May 2013



Here is your Sunday Coupon Preview for the week of 05/05/13.

Keep in mind that many areas get different coupons. This should be used as just a guideline.

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Make Your Own Adorable May Day Baskets!

April 2013


Aren't these so adorable? Wanna make something really nice for a neighbor or friend? I think these will definitely do the trick!

Akers of Love has made these cute May Day baskets and they are super frugal too!!

All you need is some jiffy pots, flowers and some fabric and you can surprise neighbors and friends with these!

Definitely a frugal but super thoughtful gift idea!

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Ah Sunday...

April 2013


Haha! Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! I will be back with some fantastic deals tomorrow, so make sure to stop by!

Also I will have a new Make It Yourself Monday post and Mamas Monday Meal for you!


Thank you!

April 2013


Ugghh... it feels like our whole family will never be feeling better. I thought we were all over this stupid cold, but my little boy woke up with a 104 fever.

So hard to see him so unhappy. Hopefully it passes soon and we can all get out of the house, it feels like we have been cooped up for a long time! :)

I should also get back to full time blogging next week, thank you for bearing with me!



April 2013

I haven't been on my computer today, instead I have been having fun with my kiddos all day. And when I finally decided to check my email really quick, I found out about the horrific events of the day.

As I was reading about Boston and watching the news about it tears just ran down my face. I don't even have the words to describe how sick it makes me to think of what people will do.

How you could take such a wonderful event that was supposed to honor the victims of Newtown and turn it into a tragedy? It just sickens me.

I hope that you will join me in saying a prayer for all those who were affected today, and hopefully we can all find some comfort in knowing that there is still good in the world and we will always persevere.


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