Great Mall Trip!

February 2011


So I went to the mall today to get all of the goodies I told you about in my earlier post (except I forgot the Victoria Secret & Orange Julius) I also signed up a little bit ago for the Bath and Body Works LUV BBW Club. Which gets you free items on the Thursday of your choice each month from January 1, 2011 – May 31, 2011. So I got a small lotion, body wash and spray for free! Unfortunately you can't sign up for it anymore hopefully they will do it again. 

My husband got the free chicken dish from Panda Express and he liked it and I got a BOGO pretzel.

We had a nice (really cheap) little night out and we only paid $2.29 (for the pretzels).

It really pays to plan when you go out to look for coupons to use. You will be amazed at how much cheaper your outing can be!



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