Mamas Spotlight: Look What I Did Today - Rite Aid

February 2011


So you are probably really confused, looking at this picture thinking... Do they sell counters at Rite Aid now? (No they don't) I just wanted to show you what I got at Rite Aid today; which is nothing. And believe it or not I am really happy about it! I waited till Saturday to do my Rite Aid shopping, which means the store will be wiped out of everything. Unfortunately at my Rite Aid they are always sold out of the great deals by Monday afternoon.

So I didn't even take any coupons with me today because I knew there would be no need for them. So onto my point (sorry I tend to ramble) I love Rite Aid! I thought this would be a good post to do so you don't ever have to miss out on any deals at Rite Aid due to them being out of stock. A lot of people don't know that Rite Aid has rain checks! I didn't know this when I first started couponing, and I was so disappointed when I went into the store and everything was wiped out. You can get a rain check on any item (most stores have a limit though).

So if an item has a +Up Reward they will give you a rain check for the price it will be after the +Up Reward. For Example:

Today I got a rain check for the Johnson and Johnson Lotion

So normally this is the scenario I would have done:

So when they get more in stock and I go to get them they will just ring it up as $0.99 which is great because I won't have to put $2.00 into it in the beginning to get these for free. And they will call you when they get the item in stock! So next time you are at Rite Aid and they are out of something remember to get a rain check! And this is why I love Rite Aid, and I'm ok with having an empty counter!


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