FREE $25 American Express Card!!

March 2012


So I wanted to address an issue that I hear frequently about with FREEBIES, "what do you do when a freebie requires a credit card?"

With most FREEBIES I never use an actual credit card, I always use a pre-paid card.

Most FREEBIES are perfectly legitimate, but it's not worth the risk to put that info out there.

I have two pre-paid American Express cards and I love being able to use a card, but not worry about anything going wrong.

If you want to get one of these, you can sign up here FREE and you will get the card in the mail — this is an official American Express Pre-paid card!  

You can use it for just freebies and keep it empty or add cash to it and use it as a debit card!

Either way, I recommend having one of these on hand! Sign up here and it comes in the mail within a week or two.

The nice thing about this one is that there are NO monthly fees!!   This is a FREE pre-paid card and it comes with many of the American Express cardholder benefits too! 

Plus you can get a FREE $25!!! Here is how it works:

Head over to the American Express website and sign up for a 100% FREE Prepaid American Express card.   Enter the code AEPC25 at checkout when you are ordering the card.

As long as you load the card with $25 (which is also FREE to do), within 45 days (prior to April 30), you will get a FREE $25 American Express gift card!!

Please note – once you get the empty card in the mail,  load the $25 on it, which you can then use.  Within 45 days you will get a separate gift card in the mail with $25 on it.

Easy $25! :)

Note:  Card cannot be sent to Arkansas or Vermont.

Thanks, Wheel N Deal Mama!


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