Give Back with the Time Machine App! Plus Grab Some Super Cool Prizes!

July 2015

I received two concert tickets to facilitate my review, as always all opinions expressed are my own.

As my kids get older I try to incorporate and emphasize the importance of good deeds and helping others. I tell them that it doesn’t have to be complicated or even helping someone you don’t already know. Doing a simple act for a friend or family member can bring incredible joy to their lives. My six year old recently made a DIY ice cream kit for one of her friends and left it on their porch. I know it put a smile on the whole family’s faces and probably made their day. 

I am always on the lookout for tools that can help my kids branch out and help others, so I was really excited when I came across the Time Machine App. The Time Machine App allows you to find creative ways to spend your time while supporting causes and brands you care about.
It makes doing good super simple! Just join a campaign with your favorite brand or cause, choose which actions you want to complete and start checking them off your list.

Every cause has prizes for participating and helping out. This is an amazing app for anyone no matter what age and would be fantastic for families to do good deeds together.

Personally I love the causes on the Time Machine App and would be more than happy to give to these causes with the giving being the reward, but they have some amazing prizes tied to all of them for some extra motivation. This might also help get kiddos a little more excited.
One of the projects talks about Ashlee a young mom of three with Lymphoma, for Ashlee’s project you just need to help a friend for 30+ minutes, it couldn’t be simpler. After you have done your 30 minutes you can be entered to win a two night hotel stay.

Plus From now until July 28, start spending time and making change. Download Time Machine on iOS for free to get the most of out of your minutes and qualify to win a VIP experience with Imagine Dragons.

1. Get the App. Time Machine is free on iOS. Go get it in the App Store.
2. Do the Time. Create real change, learn through experience, have some fun. This is your time.
3. Share the Love. Share your Time to support the Tyler Robinson Foundation, the Progeria Research and our other charity partners.
4. Enjoy the Karma. Learn something, help someone, create a memory or win rewards. When you give Time, you get Karma.


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