Making 2019 shine with the Echo Dot Kids Edition!

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Now that we have dug our feet into 2019 I am looking down the road into the year and trying to plan ways to make this an amazing year. With this I have to plan out our schooling; we homeschool our kids and I want them to also get the most out of 2019.

There are so many more tools for kids to help them with their education and I want to utilize these as much as possible. One of these amazing tools that our family has been using is the Echo Dot Kids Edition.

This amazing little device has been such a big help in expanding our kids minds and really helping them to learn new things and bits of information every day.
My kids have so many questions every day and to be honest I don’t have as many answers as I thought I would. I want to have all the answers, but sadly I don’t possess that power. So I rely on the Echo Dot Kids Edition to help answer those thousands of questions; filling their inquisitive little minds full of knowledge and opening up a whole new world to them. I tell my daughter that she’s so inquisitive and she asks “Alexa, how do I spell inquisitive”.


The Echo Dot Kids Edition also comes with a whole year of FreeTime Unlimited. This means a whole year of kid friendly audible books, quizzes, music and more! As a parent you have complete control over everything that comes across the Echo Dot Kids Edition with the Parent Dashboard. You can even control when it comes on and off. Kids can use the FreeTime Unlimited across Fire Kids Edition Tablets and compatible Echo devices.

Kids can also ask Alexa for reminders which is great to help them keep up with their own goals for 2019. My daughter is trying to stay on-top of keeping her teeth brushed so she can show off zero cavities this year. So she easily can ask “Alexa, please remind me to brush my teeth”.


You’d be surprised how much kids get a kick out of having Alexa as their own personal assistant. As a family we are all enjoying the benefits of the Echo Dot Kids Edition making our lives in 2019 just a little bit easier and better! What are your goals for 2019? Check out how the Echo Dot Kids Edition and other Amazon devices can make your days even better.


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