Total Tea: Your Health Game Changer This Year!

This year I made a promise to myself to really start taking care of my body better. I think this is something we can all benefit from and I found myself researching products that could really help me with this quest. This is when I came across Total Tea and my days haven’t been the same.

Total Tea specializes in teas and other products to help you feel amazing! With energy teas and Chiroflex Superfoods to keep you running during the day and a super gentle detox tea to promote a great night’s sleep Total Tea has you covered. I want to tell you about the Detox Tea as it is something I have fallen in love with now!

Here are just a few of the amazing things you can expect from the Total Tea Detox Tea:

Reduction in inflammation in the digestive tract -

“Many people take probiotics to promote gut health. This is a waste of time if your digestive tract is inflamed because healthy bacteria do not survive amidst the inflammation. Total Tea reduces the inflammation so that the healthy bacteria naturally produced by your body can survive and thrive!”

Promotes sleep -

 “Nearly everyone who drinks Total Tea before bed report that they sleep better. Chamomile has long been regarded as a nighttime tea. Drinking tea before bed can be a great way to relax and unwind the day so that your body can rest well. Total Tea is caffeine free.”

Natural immune system booster -

“Echinacea and Rose Hips are well known for their ability to help give a boost to the immune system and are regularly used as a natural option to fight bacterial and viral infections.”

Mobilizes undigested food -

“Gynostemma and Senna are two ingredients that assist in the colon cleansing effect produced by Total Tea. These ingredients clean out the digestive tract, which can help reduce those who always feel "full". “

When you look at the ingredients in the Total Tea Detox Tea they are all so natural and good for you! For the ladies out there, I can’t rave enough about how much this helps with bloating. This has significantly helped with regular bloating and I feel so much better! And as a bonus it tastes amazing! Normally when you have so many good for you ingredients in a drink it doesn’t necessarily taste that great, but this is so yummy! I now end my evenings with a cup of Total Tea Detox Tea and it makes my night.

No matter which product you use from Total Tea you can’t go wrong and your body will thank you! Head over here to check out what they have for you!

You can also check out their products here on Amazon.

This post was sponsored; as always we only promote products we love and all opinions are our own.


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