Reading Kingdom: Fostering a Love for Reading and Writing!

September 2019
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As the new school year approaches I know there are many parents thinking about how well their kids will do this year. We all have those concerns. It’s natural as parents to worry about our kids being behind or maybe that the summer made them a bit rusty with certain subjects. Reading is always a big one for our family and while we homeschool we do take breaks during the summer and I always worry about their reading proficiency.

As we get back to our studies I want to make sure my kids have the tools needed to keep their reading skills sharpened. When I found Reading Kingdom I knew we had found a great match for us. Reading Kingdom is an online learning system that gives children a love of reading while teaching them the lessons they need to succeed.

Our kids have been using Reading Kingdom now for a couple of weeks and it has been amazing to see their progress. Every morning they are excited to start learning and reading with Reading Kingdom. That spark for reading is ignited and as a parent it’s wonderful to see. Reading Kingdom isn’t just for homeschoolers though; it is a great tool for parents who wish to keep their kids ahead of the curve or create a stronger love for reading and writing.

Reading Kingdom has a wide range of learning levels from preschool to third grade and everything in-between. It also goes beyond reading and incorporates crucial writing lessons as well. Reading Kingdom uses innovative techniques that are effective because they are based on a new “Phonics-PLUS” six skill model of reading instruction and do not rely solely on phonics-based decoding approach which can be problematic because most words in English cannot be sounded out.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Reading Kingdom:

- The Program is adaptive and is personalized for each student.
- Super easy to use for any child.
- Can be used anywhere (e.g. school, home, relative, etc.)
- Teaches students to read and write with comprehension at a 3rd grade reading level in only 12-18 months.
- Works on any device with an Internet connection (including Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, Chromebooks, etc.)
- The program includes versions for ELL students and students 11+.

I was also really impressed with Reading Kingdom when I found out that they have an ASD Reading program for students on the spectrum. is an amazing program that teaches children with Autism reading, writing and how to comprehend the lessons. While I don’t have children on the spectrum, I have friends that do, and I constantly see their frustration with how their children are taught. Traditional methods don’t always work and you need something more tailored to the child. This is why is so amazing as it is specifically tailored for children with Autism and helps them to succeed.

If you are looking to give your child a boost with reading and writing I highly recommend checking out Reading Kingdom or Start this school year on the right foot!

This post is sponsored by Reading Kingdom as always all opinions are my own.


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