Elephant Learning: No More Math Frustration!

September 2019
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As a homeschool mom of two kids, I definitely have my hands full. It was really easy to cover all subjects when they were younger, but as they get older I find that I could use some help. Math became a touchy subject and the hardest one in our day.

Some days the frustration from them and me was a lot!  I knew I needed to change what we were doing. I did some research and came across Elephant Learning. They boasted what I felt was a lofty goal that my kids could learn 1 year of math in 3 months when using their system just 30 minutes a week. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was up for the challenge and I knew my kids would love fewer math lessons from me during the week.

Elephant Learning is a system designed for any child to succeed at math not just for homeschoolers, but I hoped it would help my kids to get further along in their math skills and increases their knowledge more naturally. The picture below shows my daughter when she first started learning multiplication and as you can see it took a lot for my husband to get certain concepts across to her. If you have sat with your kids while they do their math homework you know how frustrating it can be. It was time for our family to make a switch and I was really intrigued by what Elephant Learning was offering.

(super cute characters to help kids get their lessons done!)

We have been using it now for a couple of weeks and I am already impressed. Every week I can see a real difference in what they know and how their skills are improving. The best part? No tears! From my kids or from me! No one leaves frustrated and they are still doing math and staying caught up with their age group. As a homeschool parent your fear is always that your kids will be behind their age group. When they started I cringed to learn their “Elephant Age”. Our kids were both behind a bit so I was really hoping that Elephant Learning could put them ahead. Every time they jump on Elephant Learning I see improvement and it’s only getting better and better.

I’m now looking forward to comparing their progress at the end of our 3 months and they now look forward to math every week instead of dreading it. It’s been a massive improvement and a lifesaver. Want to check it out for yourself? Head over here to see how Elephant Learning can help your kids!

Check out our first video below about Elephant Learning:

This post is sponsored by Elephant Learning as always all opinions are my own.


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